Some years ago one Christmas eve, I was invited to attend a 70th birthday celebration

held at a Masonic lodge for intelligence and allied personnel.

An amusing senior policeman telling filthy jokes to the guests, introduced me to

To an inebriated old chap dozing in front of a blazing fire, who had been at guard at Spandau prison where Hess was held.

Almost word for word I remember what he said to me and I repeat it here.

“The history books say that Hess, the second most powerful man in Germany,

who had bodyguards 24 hours a day, could not even go to the toilet on his own, yet we are told he slipped away from them, went to an airfield which was guarded in time of war, got in without being recognised, bolted on extra large fuel tanks without being challenged, gave a signature for fuel, and warmed up the engine for the statutory 20 minutes without being stopped, Britain was at war with Germany and anyone stealing an aeroplane was shot down instantly, yet although there were no maps, he knew exactly where to fly to in Scotland, British interception fighters were told keep away,”

I then asked him what it was he was telling me ?
“Simply this he said, that luring Hess to Britain was an M.I.6 “sting operation”

to embarrass Hitler, we then said, you do as we tell you, but Hitler said “keep him”

Hess told us that the Katyn Forest murders, were the work of the N.K.V.D

( Stalinist intell forces ) which we already knew but blamed Germany,

Hess said again the Hitler wanted peace with us, and that Germany Britain and the U.S were all part of the Anglo Saxon brotherhood, and he did not want war among them, particularly he wanted Churchill to stop bombing civilians.

Remember that at Dunkirk Hitler allowed the British army to escape, he could have annihilated our forces who were largely defenceless in the water, but he wanted our forces strong because all through the war, we were negotiating with Germany over the seriousness of the Soviet threat.

“This guard at Spandau, said Hess was fitted up at the Nuremberg trials and given a life sentence, he was also given mind altering drugs, which made him appear mad before the trial, and all Germans were beaten and serially kicked in the groin, on Churchill’s orders, Hess desperately wanted to discuss the “Jewish question”

but Britain was refused to consider help, by the international financiers themselves.

Their leader Rothschild is on record as saying and I quote;

“there will be no room in the new land for schorrers” ( beggars or poor Jews )

Some years later I discussed this with a senior wartime M.I.6 officer who said;

“ no one in the prison is allowed to speak to Hess, he has not been allowed to speak for 25 years, the whisper is, that the man in prison is not Hess at all because the prison doctor claims he does not have Hess’s chest or leg wounds from W.W.1”

Sir. Anthony Blunt added to this by saying Britain knew it was the Soviet forces who liquidated thousands of the polish intelligentsia at Katyn forest, the concern in the Cambridge Universities was that when Russia conquered Britain, the talk was that our intelligentsia would go the same way.

He did manage to get me Hess’s handprint on a sheet of paper, this can be compared to Hess’s son for similarities between father and son, and identity proof of who the man in Spandau was.

The father of ex BBC TV producer John Leigh, was in wartime intelligence

and this is his statement verbatim;’ I was given a map and told to go immediately with all haste in my motorbike and sidecar to pick up a very distinguished German who was landing in Scotland and pick him up and bring him here, before the others got him’ This tell us that British intelligence was split over the Fate of Hess.

Remember that Neville Chamberlain had made extensive inquiries through security sources as Hitler was coming to power, and Admiral Barry Domvile had the most AIPs right to the top of the Third Reich, ( agents in place ) and he insisted Hitler was nota threat to Britain but to Russia.

I also managed to get a statement after long bargaining from one of Hess’s arresting officers, he confirmed what I had heard, but added, that Hess was expected in his aircraft, this shows our government knew of his planned arrival.

He knew of him being drugged for long periods to make him appear “mad”

He also believed that, Hess was switched for another prisoner, he said it was rumoured that Hess was with the Kings brother and peacemaker, the Duke of Kent on a flight over Scotland when it came down, and all were killed.

The technique used to sabotage the plane is the usual unimaginative one used by the British, in such cases as the General Sikhorsky crash, again ordered by Churchill, and the later crash where we lost 29 top Irish intelligence operatives in Ireland, when under great pressure from the Americans.

Anthony Blunt claimed Britain did not want to shorten W.W.II with the treaty brought by Hess and rejected without consultation.

Churchill said many times he wanted “total war” and

”the complete elimination of Germany, as a nation”

These paragraphs, “ The complete elimination of Germany as a nation”

and “total war”

were used consistently by the Rothschild financial backers who put Churchill into power over two world wars,

During the Arab/Israeli 6 day war a highly placed Rabbbi who advised on the Nuremberg trials and a good friend, gave me further back up information.

That Churchill was in the grip of these men there can be no doubt, it is documented that he was a 33rd degree mason, had been in unsavoury magical practises, and made his personal fortunes from the suffering of others in the Boer war, to protect Jewish investment in the South African diamond and gold mines, and two world wars.

No one can answer the question;

“name one person who was in Churchill’s war cabinet “ ?

Because it was the age of the dictator, Franco, Mussolini, Hirohito, Stalin, Hitler and Churchill, this strange situation was initiated guided and accomplished by the moneymen, for their own purposes, these dictators were just chess pieces on a board to play another game for profit.

Independent analysts have said that the only winners of these wars are the money lenders, the international banks that fund these conflicts, they are the only winners.

Remember both sides in the Napoleonic wars were funded by just one bank, Rothschilds, for the worlds 2 most important nations at that time to have been bankrolled by one bank shows incredible economic power, Rothschild’ agent at the battle rushed the news back to Britain that Britain had lost, bringing on a stock market crash, Rothschild then bought all British stocks, selling at vast profit when the truth came out.

It was this same financial double dealing that drove Hitler to demand the Jews leave Germany as W.W.II drew near, because of the profiteering after the Franco/Prussian war, W.W.1 and the collapse of the German currencies meant that in 1914 there were 4;20 marks to the dollar, but by 1923 the U.S dollar bought 4;2 trillion marks.

* Footnote Rudolph Hess who flew to Britain to ask for peace was being considered for release to his family, but alas he died on August 17 1987 aged 93.

Sections of the British establishment were anxious he may yet tell the truth, and a garbled doctors report, started the rumour that he was garrotted at Spandau prison by two special forces operatives, to prevent his release and the truth coming out.

T Stokes London


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