The rich mining deposits in South Africa should have made it a very wealthy place,

but outside interests had the huge swathes of gold and diamonds in their sights,

and locals live in dire poverty while mining the most expensive precious stones on the planet.

The Oppenheimer family, have enjoyed a 70 year monopoly on the worlds diamond supply through a holding company known as Anglo American, which in turn is owned by De Beers, with the Oppenheimer family definitely in charge.

This Oppenheimer diamond cartel is incredibly wealthy, and has used many underhand methods including kidnap and terrorism to maintain its grip and to influence us to buy its diamonds.

The British politician Tony Blair is close to Margaret Hodge ( Oppenheimer )

who was named consistently in the London childrens homes pedophile scandal.

Hollywood starlets are never seen without flashing off their precious stones, and actress Elizabeth Taylor alongside the British Royal family have been bribed to wear them to functions.

The saying that “ Diamonds are a girls best friend “ is known world wide, and recently declassified C.I A documents particularly the ”Venona” transcripts show the Los Alamos spy ring to be a mainly Jewish ring and revolving around the Oppenheimer’s,

both the Jonathan Pollard ring, the Cambridge Apostles and the Heidi Fleiss vice rings all worked for Jewish paymasters based in Jerusalem.

The Oppenheimer documents state that diplomatic bags have been used to transport diamonds round the world to bribe politicians, particularly Idi Amin Dada and Ugandas Pres Mugabe, and any diamonds not coming through their channels are labeled “Blood diamonds”and we are told they are tainted.

British masterspy Sir Anthony Blunt, claimed that Lord Rothschild was the leader of

The communist spy networks in Britain, and was untouchable because their bank funded the British war effort, yet refused help to Jews in the wartime work camps.

Blunt claimed in debriefings that on Rothschild’s orders, diplomatic pouches would be unstitched at the seams, the contents read, and sometimes altered and the bags re-stitched by a specially trained super-seamstress.

Melitta Norwood has also said that when she was a communist spy for the top secret Tubular Alloys Project,

if there were any problems, get to a Rothschild safe house, such as number 4 Bentinck Street where she would be given small diamonds and wait to be smuggled to Russia.

All the gold mines in South Africa are owned and mined by the Rothschild Syndicates, who control the flow of gold, and its price on the world stage, and can determine which national currencies tied to it fail or prosper, the newspapers said George Soros, the international money dealer with Rothschild backing exploited Britain’s monetary system and took from the British taxpayers on “Black Wednesday “ the reputed sum of up to ten billion dollars, in just one day of speculation.

George Soros whose real name was Gyorgy Schwartz,was a link in a chain of international financiers, along with the Warburg’s whose financial power can make or break any country in the world, and we now see the hold of the bankers over the most powerful nations in the world, what they did to Germany in the thirties very shortly they will do to us.

During the six day war a leading London Rabbi told me that if the dollar was low, they would buy 50 millions worth, creating a shortage, so the price went up, and they then sold, next day it may be the Mark or the yen, or the pound that was low, so the same went on there, and over time huge amounts of money were slushing around the world, with no one actually working for any of it.

This meant that the money men could put their own politicians up who would have no choice but to do as they asked, and puppets like George bush and Tony Blair have declared many wars for their profits,

the next being the planned racist attacks on Iran Lebanon Palestine and Syria,

The British politician Henry Hyndman claimed the Boer war was a war for Jews, but many now are saying all wars are for Jewish profit as they own both the Republicans and Democrats in the U.S.A and Intelligence operatives tell us they own both Conservative Lib/dems and New Labour in Britian.

One Jewish banker impatient and hungry for power, James Goldsmith started his own party, to split the Conservative vote, and bring New Labour to power, New Labour was a Zionist front organsiation from start to finish.

Intercepted wire taps on Tony Blairs handler Lord levy, suggest Tony Blair may soon be employed by the Carlyle group, who have connections to armaments, oil minerals and money movements.

The Rothschild and Rockefeller group also own the oil industries, this monetary group together makes a power block that is unassailable.

Publisher Jan Hoch, who hid under the name of Robert Maxwell, told us in intelligence briefings that he fell out of favour with this group whom he said ran the world.

Winston Churchill in the Boer war, fought in the South Africa of Cecil Rhodes, an agent for J P Morgan, the Boer war was fought to keep the Jews in charge of the mining economy, while the local people lived in poverty.

Winston Churchill was himself an agent and pictured here is the paymaster. ( see photo )

yet South Africa and Rhodesia donated men and lives to Britain’s fight against Germany in W W II

When surrounding countries were being seduced into the Soviet communist orbit,

Britain betrayed the Rhodesians and helped the communists.

Any politician who would take back financial control from the Jewish banks

was murdered, it is said that Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy and Adolph Hitler,

all wanted an independent monetary system, free from outside manipulation

and all paid with their lives.

Was Hitler a Jew ? there is no doubt he took many of their ideas on board,

and to do this had to have a deep knowledge of what they were about, many Jews helped Hitler to power against the international bankers, and his master race philosophy was taken from the Jewish teachings that said they were Gods chosen people, the forbidding of Jews to marry out, can equate to the ideas that Arians can only marry other Arians, and Eugenics is an extremely important part.

But it is in the monetary arena that similarities really coincide, Hitler built up the German nation from a smashed country in just a few years by adopting the Jewish “ first rule of the shul” and that is never to spend the money with outsiders,

it must always circulate internally.

National Socialism means the money and wealth in that country, for the people in that country, and not the international money speculators dealers and money changers, and by this method gave Germany full employment, the only time history has ever seen this.

This is directly opposite to the monetary policies of Thatcherism whereby the cheapest source is sought out under the “ free market economy”

Margaret Thatcher, in her economic experiment raised V.A.T taxes to over 17%

Closing most small business’and shutting the British mines, light engineering, car makers, motorcycle manufacturers, shipbuilding industries and bought in from cheaper sources abroad, many of those men who lost their jobs 30 years ago,

are still unemployed, and now we have imported in hordes of workers from abroad to compete for the few jobs there are.

The monetary loss to Britain was colossal, the C.I A speculated the economist who

sold the idea to the Thatcherite think tank was himself a Soviet agent, the soviets claim

it was a Zionist plot, as it appeared to be the Jews who cleaned up.

whichever may be right, just a few people own the major part of the world’s mineral resources, and the vast majority are kept in total poverty, and even the Jews in my own family say, that cant be right.

* with thanks to the Liberal synagogues alliance

T Stokes London


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