Changes in the law under Tony and Cherie Blair, have meant that the police are no longer available for the public, but are now, “servants of the state” and primarily focused on the controversial bogus “war on terror,” Police are rarely seen on patrols and rely on street cameras, some experts say one for every 14 people in Britain, yet should the public need this camera evidence the police always say, “ it was switched off at that time “

When a high profile crime like murder occurs, we see a family member in a devastated state crying for help from the public pushed onto the TV, with no sign of a policeman, and for small crimes, most police forces no longer come out, such things as neighbor hood watch, police visits to schools to indoctrinate kids to inform on families and neighbours, marker kits and crime-stopper informants do the role formally filled by police, in the part of London where I live, large groups of foreign nationals regularly gather on street corners to drink alcohol, sing nationalist sings and often menace passers by.

September 2009 saw all Norfolk’s 35 police stations closed over night for the foreseeable future, which is when most crime occurs, and in October 2009, Cambridge Chief Constable Julie Spence, has spoken openly about having to drastically cut police numbers, this, as she says with the escalating cost of immigrant crime, with huge numbers of single men in the community being responsible for the need for alcohol and prostitution crimes.

In fact Chief Constable Julie Spence played a large part in the recent Operation Radium,

where 119 foreign brothels were closed in the general Cambridge area.

British intelligence meets regularly to discuss threats to the country, but this month the military were closely involved, the main threats are seen as internal, from its own people “the enemy within’ and plans are now in place for a major clamp down in the lead up to the election, if as many experts say, the present rush for international investors to dump cash in favour of gold, will mean the banks will soon demonetize the pound in favor of the Euro currency, as they did in pre war Germany.

Between 1929 and 1933 9000 American banks closed their doors on the customers whose money they held, and we could see this in Britain very soon.

Some experts are also saying stock up on tinned food before Christmas,

as grave food shortages are a distinct possibility.

Tesco supermarkets whose 26 week interim profits for Oct 6 2009 were, 30.4 billion pounds, are alleged to have donated to both Tony Blair’s New Labour and the Conservative parties, and allegedly have offshore accounts and pay no tax in Britain, in some British towns such as Ely, no other supermarkets are allowed, but a third Tesco store is now being proposed.

To sell a foodstuff in a Jewish owned store or shop like Tesco means it has to be passed as “kosher” and to get food passed for sale in their supermarkets means huge bribes have to be paid to the supermarket owners, this can be millions of pounds, food suppliers and farmers say the Supermarket cartels

are largely a Jewish mafia, and this has been called in the food industry

“ The Kosher Nostra “

These three aspects, police non action, a possible financial crash, and food shortages

were suggested by a military general at this months interagency intelligence meeting,

and I quote verbatim, “ to be the possible catalyst for blood on our streets”

Free news Internet sites such as this one are strictly monitored, by several governmental agencies, they cant stop them as suggested, because then their own “spoiler “ sites would have to come down as well, make no mistake, the establishment also run fake sites to disseminate their ideas and muddy the waters, the Kennedy assassinations is a case in point, where we gaze as James Angleton said, “into a hall of mirrors”

The strange scenario we now face where the government is the enemy of the people,

bringing in foreign mercenaries to destroy the fabric of British society,

was predicted by one of the brightest men of our generation, a top Intel agent named Stephen De Mowbray, and put to the Fluency committee, the overall think tank behind all intelligence assessment and policy, some 40 years ago.

So worried were they that they secretly briefed the man being groomed for the job of Prime Minister, Enoch Powell, that he went to the public with his now famous

“Rivers of Blood” speech warning the people of government New World Order plans

to use multiculturalism to castrate the very people who fought W.W.II for it.

Which is where we came in, as the military are now warning of coming street riots, and the police are training for it, and even training personnel as agent provocateurs to dress as protesters and mingle and point out any leaders in any street protests.

A wise man once said, :at any one time, we are only 3 meals away from anarchy”

T Stokes

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