When an intelligence body carries out an assassination, the training received by operatives leaves characteristic hallmarks called “tells” and

In any examination we have to find a pattern, and the killing of the democratically elected hamas representative Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh bore all the hallmarks of an Israeli hit, and the fact they used 12 British Passports of such high quality, suggests to experts British foreign office compliance,and this has already been suggested by insiders.

David Miliband the Foreign office minister who over rules M.I.6 would have to be informed beforehand of any operation involving British passports cloned or not, met his opposite number in Israel Avigdor Lieberman and agreed a minor diplomat could be sent home to Israel.

Avigdor Lieberman according to our own intel files, supports the forced ethnic cleansing of all arabs from Palestine and surrounding lands, by murder if necessary, Milliband would have been briefed on this same file before speaking with lieberman, and the only reason he would see a known mass murderer is because they are both zionist jews, and the position of British minister of the foreign office is no place for a zionist Jew.

It is not generally known how many have been killed by Israeli murder teams, Princess Diana was on the eve of the Oslo conference about to announce her visit to the occupied territories to campaign against the indiscrimate use of land mines and the colourful butterfly mines which are usually picked up by children, the other aspect is that if she did marry Dodi Fahed, the prospect of an arab so close to the throne upset a lot of people in Israel, so she had to be killed off.

The similar death in a car crash of Princess Grace of Monaco, and there were many coincidences here, also the motor crash killing of Prince Sultan Bin Faisal Bin Turki Bin Abdullah, in fact 3 members of the same Saudi royal family died in one week. Although M.I.6 have a proposal document for the suggested motor crash method of killing Serb leader Slobadan Milosovic, rather than put him on trial, internal sources say no officially British sanctioned killings have been issued since colonel Gaddafi in 1995.

Even in the early sixties when private money was offered to finance the killing of Kim Philby in Moscow, by a well known British patriot circus owner in a covert “black bag “ job, he was threatened with prosecution, and that his circus licence would be revoked, yet it is known that Israel has killed many British citizens in Britain since W.W.II, as confirmed by Menachin Begin.

Part of this Mossad list supplied by intelligence contacts is as follows;

* Lawrence of Arabia, who like Dr. David Kelly was used as a conduit for sending false information to the Arabs, [and incidentally both knew they would be killed,]

* Gerald Bull of supergun fame who dealt with Arabs,

* Jonathan Moyes who was in a deal to convert U.S civilian helicopters from Chile to armed copters for Iraq.

* Armaments expert M.P. Stephen Milligan, who was dressed up after his death as if in a bizarre sex play act.

* W.P.C Yvonne Fletcher is also on the list.

* and a much loved British actress, (see testimonies of Ethel Rosenberg, Mossad operatives Ari-Ben Manashe, Jonathan Pollard and Soviet naval attaché Yevgeny Ivanov.)

There are many people now asking for the abolition of dual British/israeli passports, and until official assurances are gained that all israeli terrorism stops, no zionists should be allowed in positions in Governemnt or as members of parliament.

T Stokes london


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