The news that Britians biggest supermarket chain Tesco was the only supermarket with a very poor set of profits over the Christmas period, has meant the Boycott of Israeli goods is biting, the boycott idea originally was a Jewish one which they implemented on Germany in 1933.

Hitting a country economically should pull it back into line, Britian now has huge immigrant communities who see what is happening in Palestine and the occupied territories and are speaking out in the only way they can, with an economic boycott.

Tesco named after daughter Tessa Cohen alongside Sainsbury's were among the original funders of Tony Blair’s false flag New Labour, and Tesco and Sainsbury were granted special tax wise status, and it has been a source of anger that Tesco take billions from the UK economy yet put nothing back, in fact wherever you see a Tesco, be assured many jobs were lost for the few they create and they have bought much other land in the area so no other supermarkets can get a foothold, and now Tesco have been secretly investing heavily in the Far East, and are moving assets before the coming Iran/Syria/Lebanon wars.

Tesco main offices were heavily staked by wire tappers, much industrial espionage is done in the main by Israelis, but any information is saleable Rupert Murdoch being the main beneficiary, and the death of the "spy in the suitcase" Gareth Williams, was the focus of a string of intercepts climaxing just after Christmas 2010. Gareth whose intel medical file lists him as borderline aspergers, was a brilliant mathematician and codebreaker who was on secondment to GCHQ, which is largely funded by the American NSA, who oversee everything they do, routine assessments are sent to Langley and then shared with Israel, the word is that Gareth broke coded signals for an intended Israeli false flag bombing campaign on the British mainland with fingers pointing to Iran for which Iran and British based radical Muslims would be blamed.

Yesterday’s news pictures of US soldiers urinating on dead people has infuriated both the British and the huge new immigrant communities here in Britian, and already we are seeing a growing trend worldwide telling the USA to take their military bases and constant wars and go home.

Remember in W W II Hitler had a German soldier shot for urinating up a war memorial for allied soldiers. Gareth like many intellectuals was said to be a little naive and have little "common sense" relationships were not easy for him, and it was claimed he was a cross dresser, there was a huge row over who had jurisdiction the police or Intel and the police were furious to not be allowed to investigate the murder, they were told to say unofficially that violence in homosexual pickup relationships is common and the killing may not be intelligence related. Cross dressing spies are not unusual, spy Guy Burgess would often go to clubs dressed as a woman, where he was mockingly known as "warty" because of a large wart on his upper lip which he always hid up as a lipstick smudge.

Reporters talk at newspaper desks seem to favour the theory that Gareth was picked up and came home with a guest, who got him talking before inflicting on Gareth a horrible death, and our government is hiding the truth from us.

M I 5 informants claim that the 3 main political parties in Britian have strong Israeli lobbies, and even the 2 nationalist parties the BNP ( British national Party) and the EDL ( English Defence League ) are strongly pro-Israel, not pro-Nationalist as you would expect.

Scotland’s SNP are trying to pull away from Britian and achieve independence, when this is achieved one of the top aspects they consider is both a refusal to condone the coming war on Iran and to demand a free and fresh look at the Lockerbie disaster where a Boeing 747 Jumbo jet exploded in the air over Scotland and 270 people died.

The former Scottish minister lord Selkirk of Douglas is said to have wanted CIA operative Vincent Cannistraro to appear at the inquest and explain what interest the CIA had if any in the flight, he also resisted Foreign Office pressure to leave Lockerbie alone, His father Douglas Douglas-Hamilton was one of those who met Rudolph Hess on his peace mission to Britian, both men were Scottish through and through and do not like British interference in Scottish affairs.

Superspy Jonathan Pollards US top secret information on US defence, security capability and weak spots has been turning up not just in Israel but in Iran and Russia, this leaves the USA very vulnerable in certain bacteriological and nuclear theatres.

The CIA chief at the time of Lockerbie was William Casey and just hours before he was due to testify on the Arms/contra scandal on CIA drug trafficking on Pan Am flights he was taken ill and died, it seems whenever a man speaks out on what he knows on false flag attacks, be it Gareth Williams, William Casey or Dr. David Kelly they are among a very long list who were silenced.

T Stokes London


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