Illuminati Ritual Abuse

Submitted by T Stokes

The scandal of the Jersey care home, among others such as Boys town and the Kincora boys home, have highlighted homosexual abuse of young by people in power.

2009 wasa year where we read of contacts with comedian Michael Barrymore and Boy George, with the abuse of young males.

The Guardian newspaper of Feb 2nd 2007 highlighted the fact that teachers in Britain are now taught to watch for signs of ritual abuse, research from 38 cases where children were either murdered as in the Victoria Climbie case, or subjected to religious torture.

The list given to teachers includes children with bruises, cuts or burns, and a child being confused, withdrawn, disoriented, isolated and showing signs of sleeplessness weight loss and with unkempt or dirty clothes, and even faeces smeared on their body.

Incidents if unchecked can result in child deaths as in the recent British evangelical churches scandal

In the past so called experts as Marietta Higgs have made such a mess of things that a judge recently claimed it has put back investigations by 10 years

The 38 cases mentioned in the report involved 47 seriously abused children

Debbie Arroyo of the organization “Africans against child abuse” is working against the clock to change attitudes.

In Nigeria alone last year 80 Kendocki witchcraft murders were recorded, with many more said to be unlisted, many African communities in Britain and even white converts are said to be involved in the 300 breakaway churches in the London area alone,

who condone practices of searching for witch marks and signs of possession,

and using torture to secure confessions, Alfusaine Jabbi, has said on record;

“it its good enough for Guantanamo Bay, its o k for us”

The torso of the boy called “Adam” taken from the river Thames in 2001

Meant Scotland Yard went all over the world on enquiries into primitive witchcraft and bush meat.

Police and social workers did not have a clue about these beliefs and sought

the advice of experts such as David Tyndall and myself, which went largely unheeded,

In the interest of the “race relations industry”

More than 2000 people mainly foreign, have been charged in Italy with bringing in women and minors to work in both sweat shops and the sex industry.

Of those questioned by Chief Superintendent Chiara Giancomantonio, and other leads from the hundreds given point to Illuminati rituals, being responsible for many missing children, names mentioned in connection include an advisor to Berlusconi, and several names uncomfortably close to Tony Blair.

The Russian mafia who control most British immigration, have consistently denied bringing in underage children, and I have on several occasions suggested to Interpol a prosecution amnesty to traffickers prepared to speak out.

The British Guardian newspaper of Feb 9th 2007 in an article entitled

“Britons under investigation in global paedophile rings” spoke of how large the situation is.

Matthew Ashimollo would have been ideal to offer an amnesty in exchange for names.

Being investigated as I speak, is an incident in Cyprus where a large number of devil worshippers are said to have held a “ childfest” where a child or children were abused, their remains then put into a bonfire.

John Sentamu, the new black Archbishop must give a lead here, he is a good man and must show some leadership in a very murky religious area. T Stokes London

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