Henry Moore who is best known for his modernist sculptures, hides a secret past.

The Whitechapel art college back in 1973 had a small foundry where students could make their own bronzes, the man in charge of this department was a Mr. Nee who although himself well into his seventies still had to go to work, and it was Mr. Nee who told me that Henry Moore would spend 10 minutes with a hot knife and a block of polystyrene, and he Mr. Nee would then spend 3 months smoothing and blending the shapes before turning it into high priced bronze sculptures, which everyone laughed at but which sold for incredibly high prices.

Mr. Nee told me that Henry Moore with his Yorkshire accent and flat cap and a multi millionaire would always want to argue over the price.

But the cat is now out of the bag, because the Tate gallery’s sponsored crap-art such as cows cut in half, virgin Mary pictures done in animal excreta, a wall full of graffiti, the Tony Blair portrait painted in Iraqi human blood, and filthy bed exhibits by people such as Tracy Emin and Damien Hurst and other controversial crap art items have been making large sums at auction, and many people said who is buying this stuff ? but a recent fire where it was all stored together at a London warehouse was burnt to the ground, exposing the fraud for what it really was, a huge con trick, which made a laughing stock of the public

For much of the following info I owe to Waldemar Januszczak and the Tate Gallery.

Henry Moore’s famous series of shelter drawings from early in W W II taken from Londoners huddling in the underground tunnels, while the war in the air raged overhead showing the unbreakable British spirit, now these drawings established Henry Moore at the wars end as the wealthiest artist in Britain but the Tate shows these underground shelter drawings were directly plagiarized from an 1872 work by Gustav Dore, were among several plagerised from other artists.

So who was Henry Moore ? back in 1938 when the Spanish civil war was at its height Robert Capa had already serialized photographs of women and children hiding from the Soviet forces in the Spanish metro, and a body in Britain called ‘The war artists advisory committee” was collected together

To dramatize and fake up photos, both before and during the planned war with Germany to galvanize public opinion for another conflict,

Ruth Kuczinski the Russian spy clamed that the most popular prime minister ever, Neville Chamberlain was murdered by Churchill just months after being forced from office, because he argued another war was not necessary for Britain, and certainly not after using Poland as an excuse.

Abraham Gamse a leading figure in the wartime Jewish underground, changed his name to Abram Games, and along with Henry Moore produced a series of 100 propaganda pictures and posters many depicting images of the coming fear and danger, one which particularly angered British servicemen was the poster depicting a pair of army boots on a map of Britain in brown and green with the caption; “ do not let foreign feet walk on British soil”

Yet the first thing the government did after the men fought the war for it

was to import in people from the West Indies, for jobs and homes we did not have.

Superspy Kim Philby was married at this time to Litzi Friedman a known Jewish spy for Russia, and from her contacts we learn that Churchill’s war with Germany was instigated planned controlled and carried through by Rothschild bankers behind the scenes, similar to the present economic crisis leading to a planned war with Iran and Syria,

neither of which are any threat to Britain.

Because Hitler had put a stop to financial usury pyramids, banks lending money they don’t have, money speculators and general international currency dealing such as we saw on black Wednesday with George Soros taking 50 billion pounds in one day from the British economy.

So as Rabbi Teitelbaum told us in Cold war lectures, these Jews expelled from Germany came to Britain and to New York, changed their names, integrated and lobbied for another war with Germany, and Henry Moore being anti British and a socialist sympathizer was just ideal to be appointed official war artist, and originally turned down a knighthood because of these beliefs.

Waldemar Januszczak in a great Sunday times magazine article informs us that Moore balked at the idea of designing the memorial to Auschwitz, as he said it did not need one, he also did not want his name associated with it, one wonders why? Could it be that he only served for a few months in the first world war and none in the second .

Henry Moore will always be associated with his huge meaningless bronze blobs, and along with cows cut in half and other anti-art, but this is only part of the New World Order social engineering experiments, to down grade art,

Music and comedy with all TV programmes and films involved in massive dumbing down exercises, its now government policy to allow white English boys leaving school unable to read and write.

China and India in particular epitomize a problem called “gendercide” where 100 million girls and women have been aborted killed or neglected to death, in a plan to solve the world population problem, so discouraging family life and allowing crime and encouraging homosexuality is becoming the norm, and changing opinions and dumbing down is part of the grand plan, and as town halls sell off their Henry Moore bronzes for scrap,

we have to say what will be next in the grand plan.

T Stokes london

With thanks to;

Waldemar Januszczak

Tate gallery

Stephen De Mowbray

KGB archives

The economist march 2010

Sunday times mag


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