In 1938 Hitler instigated closer cooperation with England, the proposal was for a tie up of all the European countries, to be led by Germany and Britain, in a military economic and trading partnership, primarily for a power block against the threat of advancing Soviet Socialism, he was subsequently made man of the year by Homes and gardens magazine, he was feted on radio and manpower magazine claimed he had put Germany back on its feet, and Britain should copy German industrial ideas, and workers across Britain asked if Germany could raise the peoples living standards, why cant we ?

In 1942 during W.W.II a group of high ranking Nazi economists met to discuss British cooperation in what Hitler called the E.E.C. European Economic Community or

( Europaische Wirtschafftgemeinschafft, )

The town of Bridgenorth in Shropshire was chosen to be its central office, as during the war many sympathizers to Germany’s plight were said to live in the general area.

Rudolph Hess’s incredible flight to Britain to discuss why Britain had cheated on its agreements, meant although found innocent at Nuremberg, Hess had to be locked away for life, and ex Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain voted the most popular prime minister ever was forced from office and found dead less than a year later,

Soviet spy Ursula kuscinski caimed he was murdered to silence him,

Chamberlain claimed war over Poland was a total nonsense, it was a war to allow

Jewish control of international finance.

In 1967 Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson and his deputy Lord George Brown

went to Strasbourg France, discuss terms for entering the Common market, and the French said No to us.

Remember, Hitler’s proposal was a Europe led by Germany and Britain,

but Churchill took us to war with Germany to prevent this, so now the common market was led by Germany and France, and they did not need us, Dennis Healey and Lord George Brown were intelligence informants, and their chilling reports on this is still in intell archives, where he said they ridiculed and made fun of the British.

In January 1st 1973 prime minister Edward Heath was blackmailed over photos taken with young boys from a children’s home on his yacht Morning Cloud, and agreed to very poor terms to Britain entering the Common market, he assured the nation this would not affect our national sovereignty, but knew all long this was a cover for a federal Europe where democracy would be extinguished for British citizens, and we would be ruled by a Europe we claimed we went to war to stay out of, and in order to finance this a heavy new E U tax is being presently worked out to go on top of all our present taxes.

Leo Abse was a member of parliament and a flamboyant homosexual, Abse was an informant to Mossad, and told of high level pedophilia and Satanism organized from the riske Putsch night club with several well known pop personalities, Edward Heath lord Mc.Alpine Sir Anthony Blunt and Jeremy Thorpe taking young boys from children’s homes for sex.

As Jeremy Thorpe was becoming a famous politician, boys recognized him, and Leo Abse claimed he and the House of commons speaker had to organize some “suicides”, even Thorpe’s own wife fell ‘asleep” while driving her car and was killed.

The governments own car fleet, will always have drivers who talk, and many would name politicians who were seen with under age boys, Leo Abse was to claim that it was right and proper to sodomise young boys to keep them on the straight and narrow.

According to information statements from Derry Mainwaring-Wright, Jeremy Thorpe and Edward Heath had dozens of boys murdered during satanic buggery attacks.

several people were bought off with money paid by Lady Sainsbury and the Sanyanim.

So because Heath was blackmailed, Britain will now contribute her economy to support the European army, police force, economy in fact all our laws will be made in Brussels.

The war on terror, is an excuse for taking away our free speech, our human rights our democratic freedoms and even the ability to grow and buy our own food, and to foist on us higher taxes, I D cards and travel restrictions with this betrayal to Brussels.

The real reason for importing in millions of people from round the world into our tiny island, is to destroy the British essence, character and identity and to skew voting figures.

T Stokes London


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