The Boer war was over confiscating and protecting the rich mining interests in S Africa for the Rothschild and Oppenheimer NWO families, and it was them who devised the concentration camp system used in the area, and will bring it out again to be used again in the coming Palestine/Lebanon/Iran/Syria road map terror wars, not ,many people realise it was Rothschild banking syndicates who funded the building of the German work camps that enclosed large numbers of their own people, who were the "schnorrers" Rohschilds word for the poor Jews who were to be the sacrifice.

Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay, who was born in 1894 and educated at Eton and Sandhurst, before coming an M.P for Peebles and Midlothian, and was a confidante of Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, he was among those arrested without charge 70 years ago, on May 23rd 1940 and interred in Brixton prison until 26th Sept 1944, when being released he again took up his seat in parliament.

Lord Rothschild instigated Regulation B, to imprison anyone without legal help for speaking out against the slaughter of W.W.II under the pretence of pro-German 5th column activity, and hundreds of people, including many ex-servicemen who wanted Britain to keep out of the war, were interned for the wars duration, when the public at large knew the pronounced reason for the war, the attack on Poland was a lie.

Hitler had a thing about the Arian race e. g. the Anglo Saxons, Germans British and Americans, were he said all brothers under the skin, and no way would he declare war on Britain, so the ground had to be prepared by racist lies deception and mass propaganda, to bring this war about.

Britain in the late thirties was a place where the universities, industry, the mines, the B.B.C and the intelligence services became Socialist/pro-Russia, and anti-Germany.

Our own intelligence services had said Germany was no threat to Britain, while Russia was busy infiltrating and subverting, Admiral Barry Domville head of naval intelligence, was also one of those imprisoned for the wars duration for insisting Germany was not the threat Russia was.

Naval intelligence had the best spy rings in the Third Reich, and Admiral Domville was in a position to know what was going on, and we knew almost everything.

Publisher Robert Maxwell had excellent intelligence connections and he said;

“The scenario after the problems of W.W.1 where the Jews supported Russia,

meant they now had to leave Germany before W.W.II.

Jewish refugees began flooding into Britain, and adopted English names as did Robert Maxwell, and acted as fifth columnists to lobby for war with Geramny.”

Winston Churchill who owed huge debts for gambling drinking and whoring,

accepted 150,000 pounds from the Zionist banking cartels to call for another war on Germany, he changed parties 4 times in his career, and because of his initials W.C. he was known as “the shithouse “

The home Office minister, Herbert Morrison, who also helped lead the Jewish underground, announced in the Times of March 10th that; ”he wanted to see quote; “Bolshevisation all across Europe”

Allegedly, the real reason for the imprisonment of British nationals was the opposition to growing Zionist power and manipulation in Britain.

In his timeless book “lies in wartime” A Ponsonby tells of how wars are brought about, and in Admiral Barry Domvilles book, “From admiral to cabin boy” we read just how unnecessary Britain’s involvement was, and Sefton Delmer tells us in his books of the dirty tricks and rumours put about to bring both Britian and the USA into the war.

The Jewish historian David Cohen also tells us that Napoleon, the Kaiser,

Hitler, Nasser, Saddham Hussein, and Osame Bin Laden were all used in the same formula as “bogeymen”

to get the people to fight wars for the crooked banking cartels who fund crooked governments..

In America in the fifties, senator Joseph Mc’Carthy under secret briefings from J. Edgar Hoover, Constantin Volkov, Boris Klamenkov and Igor Gouzenko exposed the Communist/Zionist activities leading to WWII, and of the corruption in State dept and Hollywood, the hate propaganda put out by these Hollywood wartime films are regularly still shown on the B.B.C.

In 1975 the U.N stated that Zionism is pure racism, but the Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, told The British cold war think tank, all is necessarily justifiable in the long war.

Lord Rothschild and his wife Tess, who masterminded Britain’s entry to the war, and whose banks funded both sides, was code named; “David and Rosa” spies for Russia and later for Israel.

The Home Secretary, Herbert Morrison, Grandfather of Peter Mandleson, was codenamed “Star”

Rothschild influenced Churchill to cover up the Russian murders of intellectuals in the Katyn Forest, similarly 315 intellectuals have recently been murdered in Iraq by Mossad, and a fake bombing war was instigated between Shiites and Sunnis, under the rules of “divide and conquer”.

Its surely time now to have an enquiry of why we went into W.W.II

and why 235 people were imprisoned during this period without trial,

and a proper enquiry into Toerag Tony’s war on Iraq

Experts are already telling us Reg 18 B will again be brought out to intern dissidents

in the very near future.

T Stokes London

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