When Tony Blair was prime minister, he made almost one law change per day and his wife Cherie set up the
Matrix Chambers law firm to cash in on these changes, Cheries earnings are undisclosed but her barristers earned on average £243,000 annually,
in the last years figures attainable for Matrix Chambers, they earnt a wopping £13.4 million.
Cherie is an expert in human rights legislation, and knows because she helped draft the following changes, Proceeds of crime act 2002, which is a UK act of parliament which provides for the civil recovery of financial assets from illegal acts, such as faked up foreign wars, and the race relations act and its many variants and ammendations 1976, which provides for the prosecution of any act that brings hurt or violence to others of a different race, e g those from Iraq and Afghanistan, and recent racial threats to those in Iran.
David Murfee-Faulk an N.S.A whistelblower has broken the story that while Tony Blair was in office the US administration saw him as a pinocchio character and did not trust him, and spied on his personal emails and telephone calls, exactly as spy Jonathan Pollard claimed previously, Murfee-Faulks had top secret clearance at at army listening post for the N.S.A and said secret tapes and recordings of Blair and others still exist,
and that Blair was in the pocket of Lord Levy an alleged mossad activist, and that New Labour was funded totally through surrogate donors of this foreign power.
Adreinne Kinne a second whistleblower has confirmed this and said that all internal calls in Iraq were taped, and any journalist who was deemed ' not onside' was in great danger of being killed by 'terrorist attacks or insurgent bombings'

While huge illegal monetary sums are being made by a few, this same government that admits over a billion pounds a year is paid to fraudulent claimants abroad, and made huge fraudulent payouts to its own M.Ps is actually guilty of theft and benefit scams itself, as most benefit fraud is actually committed by this same government, withholding from old age pensioners by making claim forms impossible to work out, this stolen money is technically called “clawback funds” and is used to bolster other economic areas, this practice is encouraged by Government to cheat the British people in need who are genuinely entitled to it, they also throw off thousands of people each week from the claims procedure and these are often those who fought the governments racist wars for it. Insider rumours are that Cherie Blair and her sister Lauren Booth are not in agreement with Tonys crooked dealings, isnt it a nice thought to think Tony and Cherie will be caught out and prosectued with their own laws

T Stokes london


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