Peter Mandelson is currently involved in a bitter legal dispute with Cherie Blair over a passage in his recent memoirs which tells of a letter from Cherie Blair in which she makes a vitriolic and hateful attack on Gordon Brown, legal buffs are urging calmness as Cherie knows enough about Mandelson and teenage boys to create big problems, but neither will come out of this very well, as both are hated by the British public, Cherie was caught days ago offering Tony Blair items including an autograph on ebay for ten pounds, while owning 7 houses and Tony earning an estimated 20 million pounds since leaving office, quite apart from Cheries huge earnings of Matrix Chambers. The N.S A eavesdrop on all our ministers, and Insiders say they have lived apart for some time.
Mandelson who while Britians business minister holidayed on Oleg Deripaskas yacht an alleged dozen times, Deripaska who is banned in the USA for organised crime connections, and faces an arrest warrant if he returns to Russia is known to have mafia associates, and was named in the Daily Mail 23rd May 2010 as being involved along with Mandelson and Nat Rothschild in a £500 milion pound aluminium deal that cost many British jobs, the underground student newspaper 'arsole news'
created a storm by equating these 3 Jews with a new axis of evil.
Mandelson officially endorsed a political candidate Leo Gillan in March 2003, but lost to 'hangus the monkey' a man in a monkey suit whose political slogan was to offer free banannas to school children, the fact that the British public would prefer a monkey to mandelson was very telling.
Mandelson who pushed hard for the internet censorship bill has much to keep secret, and the recent case of the french culture minister Frederic Mitterand paying young boys for sex opened up several other big names in politics, Mandelson was admitted into a French hospital recently with prostrate problems, the french doctor claimed the real reason was felching injuries, the gay sport where a cardboard tube is inserted into the rectum and a small furry animal slid down it,
the French doctor claimed it was the scratches inside Peter that had to be treated.
Now Peter Mandelson is a controlling patron of the NSPCC, Margaret Hodge ( nee Oppenheimer ) was childrens minister and knew Mandelson and Tony Blair very well indeed, they also knew Childline founders Sarah Caplin and Esther Ranzten and controller Michael grade, and have been noticeably silent on several alleged scandals
in childrens homes across the country, but this info was strangely silenced by Tony Blairs D notices, so who was he protecting ?
one investigative journalist asked if childline was set up monitor and hide the crimes of certain people, ?
Tony has had to cancel book signings after being pelted with eggs plastic bottles and shoes, one lady tried to give him a bag of coins to represent Tonys thirty pieces of silver, while Peter Mandelson the Rothschild apparatchik for Britian, has been thrown from office three times and while criticising Tony and Cheries earnings
hides his own earnings in a secret blind trust, mandelson is the current First secretary of state,
i have the feeling hangus the monkey could make a much better job of things.
T Stokes London

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  1. John

    I have some good information that I got from this site

    Mandelson and Gordon Brown were accidently caught having a sexual dalliance in an office in the house of Commons by one of Michael Meacher’s staff.

    Also William Hague is gay and had a relationship with Sebastian Coe.

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