Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson 70, was fined 10,000 pounds for his claim that six million Jews did not die in the wartime German labour camps as previously suggested,He was said to have broken the law by questioning the numbers of Jews who did die, in a crime called "holocaaust denial" he had used his access to closed Vatican wartime files to research reports from priests both in the camps and those priests administering the wartime labour camps, Christians in Russia also brought out information from the secret soviet files, including one giving Jewish immigration figures into the USA during the same period.

Russia is a gold mine of wartime information, both taken from captured archives and sent from its army of wartime spies world wide. The worry of wartime Soviet file leakage has meant Vladimir Putin has moved the constitutional court from Moscow to a new building with every room rigged for sound and film, for very good reason.

Memorial the human rights group, was raided by state masked troupers, and police special forces seized archives and computer hard drives, documenting statements on political dissidents, secret operations against the people and state killings going back to the Stalinist terrors.

They wanted the research from Human rights watch and information files on the still secret 2.7 million graves of Leningrad residents, many ”useless eaters” e. g. old people, handicapped etc were eliminated by Russian forces so food would be just for W.W.II fighters.

The main target of the state police raid was Memorials important project, an online museum “virtual Gulag” containing evidence of mass torture and murder.

The Soviet Union unlike other nations has never come to terms or admitted its oppressive concentration camp history. State denials are still commonplace over the Stalin/Churchill agreement over the Katyn Forest murders, which was among the reasons Rudolf Hess came to Britain to protest.

The chief prosecutors office in St. Petersburg claimed it was also investigating links with Memorial to an obscure allegedly anti-semitic article in Novy Peterburg, for Russia is purging the original statements of wartime concentration camp documents, seized at the camps, as Tony Blair is alleged to have ordered in Britain, under the guise of a historical clean up, and many wartime documents were shredded under the security cameras M16 had a document, of which photocopies still exist from the first people into the camps, who were always bomb disposal, to dismantle any booby traps, these lengthy documents made no mention of gas chambers, which proves nothing either way, but why destroy the documents ?

A Russian teachers magazine was among several published this year which claimed Stalin acted rationally in the persecutions and mass killings, in order to modernize the country and expose malingerers, the Stalinist revival is gaining ground just now with many articles appearing to justify his excesses, a large new statue of the dictator at Kranoyarsk receives many visitors

Memorials Human rights director Irina Flige, claimed that police confiscation of archive film, statements and material, was timed to coincide with an international conference on Stalinism in Moscow, and has received complaints from wartime scholars the world over, both from Jewish intellectuals in Iran, and helped by the huge patriotic Jewish community for truth organization, and those who were anxious to see about Jewish history and whether there really were gas chambers, and just how much Churchill was aware of-or duped by Stalin’s plans to enslave Europe.

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