Yankees Hold Ceremony to Mark 9/11 Anniversary

AssociatedPress asked:

The New York Yankees marked the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 with a ceremony before their game against the Baltimore Orioles Wednesday. The team will be in the middle of a long road trip on Sunday, the anniversary of the attacks. (Sept. 7)


  1. landline00

    @Khal03 (cont) You also conveniently neglect to mention that “The fire caused steel structural elements, already weakened from the plane impact, to fail.” You see, most of the structural support of the towers was in the load-bearing walls that were obviously compromised when planes hit them at 500MPH. You’re so dishonest and disingenuous. Wait… that’s what 9-11 Truth is all about! :)

  2. landline00

    @Khal03 So, why did you write in your first post, “You don’t melt structural steel, 110 stories of it, with ‘jet-A’ fuel.” when no one is making that claim in the first place? Why did you have to exaggerate to make your initial point? As far as what was happening internally as a result two jetliners hitting a 110 story tube-frame structural system skyscraper at 550MPH, I’m sorry but I don’t think you can use “community college dropout” expertise to get the entire picture. (cont)

  3. Khal03

    I’m using founded scientific forensic methods and I am telling you if a human can stand in the hole and choke on smoke rather than having their flesh roasted then it surely won’t melt steel. And then there is the fact that the fire dpt. thought they could put the fire out when they got to the 78th floor (i may be wrong about the exact floor) with “two lines”. He’s looking at a fire you say will destroy a steel and concrete building and he’s like, “I need two lines, we can put it down.”

  4. Khal03

    Furthermore, if you look at all the video evidence, you can see people in the gash in the building waving their hands in desperation because of the dense black smoke. Even community college welding student drop-outs know that a black sooty fire is a sign of a cold, oxygen starved fire; A ‘Carburizing Fire/Flame”. They would also understand that in this zone, the temp wouldn’t be more than 500 or 600 degrees, since there wasn’t any substantial flame visible after the impact.

  5. Khal03

    @landline00 Listen, for the benefit of those who would pass by and read this, I will explain: so, speaking of “straw mans arguments” if we ignore the lie “the perimeter columns and floors were also being weakened by the heat of the fires, and as the floors began to sag” and pretend like kerosene could even “weaken” structural steel, we are talking about localized weakness. Why did the other 100 odd stories disappear from under the “weakened” area? Controlled Demolition – Called Pancake Theory.

  6. landline00

    @Khal03 (cont) “Meanwhile, the perimeter columns and floors were also being weakened by the heat of the fires, and as the floors began to sag they pulled the exterior walls inwards.” You are using a “straw mans argument” no one actually claims that 110 stories of structural steel “melted.”

    Anything else? Passenger jets didn’t actually hit the towers after all, it was really missiles fired by Bush, right? :)

  7. landline00

    @Khal03 Liar!!! No one is claiming that 110 stories of structural steel “melted.” “Above and below the impact floors, the cores consisted of what were essentially two rigid boxes; the steel in these sections was undamaged and had undergone no significant heating. The section between them, however, had sustained significant damage and, though they were not hot enough to melt it, the fires were weakening the structural steel.” (cont)

  8. Khal03

    They are people who study. They aren’t consumers of mainstream garbage. Jet fuel burns at 1148 degrees. You don’t melt structural steel, 110 stories of it, with ‘jet-A’ fuel. But then you do bomb innocent children while sleeping in their beds. Why is that? Because you are consumers. You don’t want the truth, you want to win. What are we winning? Think for your self. This is Propaganda, Plain and Simple. Enjoy

  9. ThomasTheAlleyCat

    celebrating the 10th year of 911 is like celebrating the 10th year of a toothache. all this 10 year anniversary is is the media’s ploy to make money. 911 was a tragedy but americans are fucking retarded and deserve what they get. united states government controls so tightly what the us people see and they get nothing other than american television. America is the laughing stock of the economic world in so many countries I can’t count. fucking arrogant losers

  10. landline00

    @mr94hitman I mean… how could you still believe that it was “an inside job” after 10 years when not a single person has come forward and Wikileaks did not expose a single document incriminating Bush/Cheney. They are nothing more than America hating pond scum.

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