BMW ZHP snow Drifting

BreakerOhio asked:

BMW ZHP snow Drifting. I didn't mount the camera this time. Just switched it on when the roads were clear and did all the recording by myself. One thing I miss about the S2000 now is driving it over the winter because of the fun I had driving it in the winters. Call it crazy, but I enjoy the challenge of learning and understanding the mechanics and techniques to have full control of what I want the car to do. I was unsure from no experience in the BMW in the snow yet, but I was confident that the car being Rear Wheel drive would deliver a similar experience, although without a Limited Slip Differential, so it requires a bit more work to slide the car. Which is no problem, I like the challenge. So the BMW has been put to the test every chance I get (rain, snow, dry roads) and I'm adapting to the new car minuse LSD. Miss the LSD control I had with the S2000, but I value the experience of understanding the difference between the differentials. Now I have a stronger understanding of the mechanics and behaviors of Open Differential and know what needs to be done to compensate for them to make the car still drive the way I want it to. "It's not the stones inside my shoes It's not the risk of what's to lose...It's the nature of the experiment It's the patterns of my temperament"


  1. Braydong

    Hold your DSC button till the dsc light, and a yellow brake light comes on your dash. This turns the Traction control system COMPLETELY OFF!! This makes it WAY easier to drift. :)

  2. Ghostt5786

    lol i just got my first car open diff car and im kinda worrried about for the winter :P

    got any wise words for me ?? :D

  3. pieknaperelka

    chlpoie zajebista chujnia jak bym mial taka bmw to bym latal a ty jestes kurwa cienias i..gratulejszon

  4. tonicroatia

    cool video, did you thought about buying a aftermarket LSD for the beemer?? it would make the car a lot more suitable for sideways action

  5. MuzaffarMusa

    OMG, you sold off your S2k? Why man why!? Lol, well congrats on your new ride man….. Nice video as well!

  6. xboxgamertagKLUTCH03

    lol dude you past my house O_O
    i was like wtf is this nigga think he is with his bmw

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