Kevin Smith on Religion

filmmaker Kevin Smith talks about his catholic upbringing, Mel Gibson, the movies 'Passion of the Christ' and 'the Last Temptation of Christ', his own movie 'Dogma' and finally his idea for what today would be a fascinating movie about Jesus. All done in a subversive spirit, and with his unique brand of humor. Not recommended for the easily offended.

(compilation of an evening & evening harder with Kevin Smith)

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  1. Eric F.

    I wonder how Kevin Smith’s ideas and life have changed since 9-11 and the unjust Gulf conflict, not to mention the war in Israel. I am also surprised that he is not capable of making a movie that blasphemes the Jewish people as well, whose traditional Faith I happen to love as well. I pray for my +Catholic+Christian+ brethren who have sought dollars and a way to help charities that seems right to them, but cannot lead to a good end in life. I hope Kevin can find True Peace in this life rather than a kind of comedy that causes no offense at all and really is just a sad waste.

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