UFOs and the Military Industrial Complex

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In the years immediately following World War II, the US military discovered that UFOs were a serious national defense issue. To secretly investigate this mysterious phenomenon an ad hoc military bureau was formed by President Harry Truman named "Majestic-12" or "MJ-12". Over the years since its inception this covert agency has likely gained more autonomous power than the nation it was commissioned to serve. In 1961 President Dwight Eisenhower warned against the potentially dangerous influence of the "Military-Industrial-Complex". The material in this video essay explores the evolution of this unique aspect of our National government and how it effects the lives of all Americans to this day. UFOs and the Military Industrial Complex - Cat# U1108, Coming soon to DVD. For more information go to www.UFOTV.com.


  1. CooterCoy

    I am starting a website that will feature all things paranormal or supernatural and am compiling different personal stories videos and pictures. If you have something to contribute or want to give permission for me to embed your video email me at scott @ SpookToob com

  2. briansmobile1

    12:42 JFK is said to be referring to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank created in 1913. Marionvalentine66 (wordpress)

  3. b44rt

    if only I could wake up mankind and show them the truth… I hope I can live to see the day we are set free

  4. UnibloggerV

    FINALLY!!! years of theory and speculation put into 40 minutes of enlightenment. I think i need a cigarette.

  5. MrCoolBane

    The military industrial government won’t last for ever. It has to change to open up to the public. If not it will collaps from within. No human is perfect so they will definitely make a wrong move, no matter how much planning they do. Once that happens they will then realize that they are human beings and they need to do unto others as how they would like others to treat them. One we or another they must understand and know that they don’t control things, we the people do.

  6. doceigen

    @MaleAdaptor Really? The U.N. estimates are that 95% of the Humans on Earth ‘believe’, in some form of religion, often… a God. ‘Belief, with no proof’, is dangerous!… and unstable. This explains political entities are non-responsive to sane rationale and why the people are allowing it. It is not surprising 3.6% of the viewers on this site, realize how this video is more ‘belief with no proof’ and correctly dislike it.

  7. dahur

    “Too pushy UAP are simply chased away by F-16’s. Decoy flares create literally enough confusion, the incident fades away quickly.”

    SHOLVA AKA “debrainwasher” Discussing a method in which major case UFO’s are covered up. Posted under: “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record - Leslie Kean (Pt.1) 8-15-2010”

  8. dahur

    “I act according to internationally accepted intelligence policies to dillute the truth with lies.”

    ~ SHOLVA AKA debrainwasher, and many other user names (Explaining the way he “informs” people.)

    Posted under New Mexico UFO crash documentary (part 3)

  9. Actioninj

    great thanks to the author of the video and also to all open minds..
    more minds are to be opened soon…

  10. 971QKE

    The fact that we are controlled (at least to a certain extent) by the powers wishing for and working towards Global Banking and Government, is obviously true to anyone spending a few hours researching the subject. However, it is not fair to isolate the Bush administration in regards to that. If the Bush Administration was in the pocket of the elite, Barack Obama’s has done far more to expedite the New World Order’s entrance onto the world stage. Perhaps that was his purpose all along?

  11. crazedADDICTION

    @fauxnim interesting theory, maybe it will work (you never know). From my knowledge time never stops because time is controlled by the big bang, but as soon as that stops time will theoretically stop. That wont be for a long time though, I forgot how long it is but it’s a billion some odd years lol. We will destroy ourselves before time does, but very interesting theory it would maybe work if the universe was some how round? Idk I’m trying to work it in my head.

  12. banderastube

    omg, we have a 32 dislikers SLAVE humans wich they love there petty lifes as SLAVES and they like this.pls can you all 32 slaves shoot yourselfs?!?!?

  13. fauxnim

    @PastaaaaaProductions Maybe they use gravity to warp space/time, so instead of traveling to that location, they pull it towards them, thus reducing the time it would take to get there to near instant

  14. TheFarte

    Just a thought but time is always happening right? Like maybe UFO or ancient Irma r humans in the future traveling back in time. Sounds ridiculous

  15. PastaaaaaProductions

    Guys… How do you know its impossible to travel at the speed of light? It may be for humankind. But what about the other races of different planets…? They may be more technologically advanced. And if not, it may be that their life spans are so long, they have time to travel such a great distance…

  16. pomaip1

    As in Columbus day, no one believed the world was round, but surprise, surprise, it was. They’ve been popping in & out since the days of Pyramids, and still are. For those skeptics out there who believe using religion as a back up, I ask you this…
    Did god create us, or did we create God? Think about it! Throughout the centuries their is enough evidence out there by eye witnesses, etc., other countries, those who have worked in areas of top security (usa) and elsewhere. Just believe!

  17. drazapatos

    @NFVGames lol OMFG how can you possible conclude and confirm that they are here, that they have telepathic powers, and a lot of energy capabilities? you just proved how fucked up dilusionism can be sometimes on dumb dimed minded people, to me, i would love for aliens to exist, but have i actually seen them, or know how they talk, communicate etc etc etc, NO… so why would i believe anything that comes in front of me right off the bat? use common sense dumb ass.

  18. drazapatos

    @MrDavidM60506 you are a fucked up retard for believing that, there is not sin, there is not god nor human perfection, nor any stupid satan, you have accepted this things within your head, and come to terms on believing that because it was meant for stupid retards like you to believe it, not wonder why we keep allowing such atrocities on our world thanks to you, GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEAD, the only evil that exist comes from man, and goodness and love comes with intelligence and self honesty.

  19. yermom014

    @defmanz You’re a fucking moron. Just goes to show how intelligent you really are, calling other people low IQ’ed when you spell and look a like complete simpleton. I also get this striking idea that you haven’t read the Bible either. So, until you do, shut the fuck up.

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