Hopsin talks God, groupies, illuminati, music industry + more

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www.hardknock.tv Exclusive in-depth interview with Hopsin at his house. Our final segment (Part 4) starts with Hopsin opening up to Nick Huff Barili about the moment of clarity he had while on tour. Seeing how fans were star-struck by him made Hop want to give them the formula on how to reach success including the struggle instead of just glamorizing money and groupies like most rappers do these days. Hopsin says that he always belied in God but didn't know what it meant to do the right thing...Until a few months ago when God spoke to him. After that experience Hopsin says that he feels like the blindfold was removed from him and now he can see what he is supposed to do. "I had to find out that the devil existed before I knew that God exists fully." Hopsin continues by describing how when he was young all he wanted was to have money and girls on his jock but now that he has it like that he never uses the "celebrity" button. There is much more to this candid conversation but we don't want to give it all away. You are gonna have to watch the video for the rest. Subscribe to http for our latest videos, including all four parts of our interview with Hopsin. You can also follow us at www.facebook.com and www.twitter.com www.twitter.com Follow Hopsin at: www.myfunkvolume.com http www.twitter.com


  1. Jacob Salmans

    So much respect gained here I’ve been workin on leavin the drug scene behind and gettin closer to god and this man is servin as like a backbone to me real helpful shit man I don’t really even listen to rap but hopsin just kinda grabbed my attention good shit

  2. Taigacan

    1. how do you know “all i do?”
    2. wtf is a peado?
    3. i am definitley paranoid of people like YOU, who wouldnt be?
    4. whats wrong with watching anime?
    5. hell doesnt exist, and if it did, it would make you even more of an immoral fuck

  3. matiomo

    get the fuck out of youtube, all you do is comment on every video you fucking peado, anime watching, paranoid motherfucking weirdo. ALL ATHEISTS GO TO HELL.

  4. KingP1N1993

    Why the fuck did funk volume sign 2 potheads after hopsin talks about weed is corrupting people in ill mind 5.

  5. 014electrick

    Im thinking that too, maybe if your 15y old and dont know shit about nothing, you can get something out of this. I go listen to some old game or pac now, this shit gay.

  6. Mike McCann

    @JJflowslikeanAnimal what are u talking about dude? hospin was signed and he was doing mad shows he was at the top and saw what was there he speaks truth

  7. MrKegalicious

    you are just in a phase right now were u dont realize what life is all about its about love family and being happy

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