Nanotechnology and the Future

The future. It comes. In this decade we the public will defeat big business and big government. The world must step up advancing industrial production of nanotechnologies into goods. Nanotechnology is industrially important to supplying the many people of Earth things they will need in the 21st century.

'Things we need' is talking directly about the economy. When we have nanotechnology factories churning out everlasting super quality products, eventually for everyone or on a public level, supply and demand will change forever. Money will also be different, as will government. Our economy will be out of this slump by what I call 2017, and into an amazing supereconomy. A fiat economy from industrial supercapacity. The same will be said of transmutable resources, and our trash from years will easily become material with which we could make any diamond.

Recently scientists discovered programmable magnets. Many magnets repel when placed + to +. These magnets infused with an electromagnetic wave repel until a certain distance and then *attract*. They could be used to make all manner of wonderful engineering!

Additionally, we will be changing world ecology. It is critical to buy organic foods and to ask your food and farm companies to use ecological and non-polluting techniques. I do always.

Examine this website about "exopolitics".

It has written addresses from beings from other planets about a variety of high level topics. I am sure you will love it! My favorite is by Cammeron of Arcturus, celebrating and warning about Earth's ecology.

Thank you for your interest and help. Together we will organize a free world of truth that produces great souls and great lives.

Please forward this message to research members and associations you believe can benefit from it and help. I noticed especially the gear functions of the nanomaterials, and saw that the programmable magnets would be able to replace some of the gear systems with electromagnetic wave control of the nanomaterials. A matrix of electromagnetic waves on special magnetic gears at special and progressive hertz frequencies could allow us to materialize objects in a 3D arrangement instead of from a 2D field, surely valuable, as effective wave lengths may be easier to produce, control, and clean up than standing molecular machinery.

<>< William Bunker, RH


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