Bill Schnoebelen: Ex Satanic Priest, Ex Catholic Priest, Ex 90 Degree Freemason, Ex Vampire and more

Bill Schnoebelen lived on the dark side for many years. He was a 90 degree Freemason, a member of the Illuminati, a Satanic Priest, a Catholic Priest and even more. Then one day his monthly tithe check to the church of Satan came back from the bank with a note on the back - ``I'll be praying for you in Jesus' name ". Within a week he lost his demonic power. Later he became a Born Again Christian, and he now has his own ministry. Bill has been in ministry, mostly full-time, since 1986, and no one has yet been able to disprove any of the claims he has made about his admittedly rather bizarre history.

Bill's timeline is baffling or contradictory only to someone unfamiliar with the strange workings of the occult/magickal mind set and with the subtle power of Satan to deceive.

Here is his timeline in brief:

Born: 1949 (raised Catholic)

Went through Catholic grade school and high school

Entered Minor Seminary at Loras College to be a priest: 1967

Introduced to the occult by a professor: late 1967

Got involved in Wicca: 1968

Made a Wiccan priest - first degree (Algard rite): 1968

Graduated from college and took a leave of absence from priesthood studies: 1971

Got a job teaching music in a Catholic high school in rural Iowa: 1971-1973

Met his priestess whom he would later marry (1972)

Ordained a Spiritualist minister in the Alliance of Divine Love: 1972

Flew to Boston to be made a priest in the Alexandrian rite of Wicca - February of 1973

Traveled to Arkansas to study under the Grand Master Druid of North America in the summer of 1973

Made a Druidic High Priest in July of 1973 - also had a witch handfasting to his wife at the same time in Zion State Park in Zion IL.

Fall of 1973, traveled to Boston MA to be made high priest (Third degree) in Alexandrian rite of Wicca

Winter of 1973, began covens in Dubuque and Davenport Iowa

Legally married by Spiritualist minister from Alliance of Divine Love: May of 1974

Moved to Milwaukee to teach large numbers of people witchcraft: August of 1974

Began involvement with Old Roman Catholic Church (ORCC) and studies for diaconate and priesthood in 1974-75

Also began studies in Blue Lodge Freemasonry and was finally made a Master Mason in 1977

About the same time (1975) as he got involved in the ORCC, he also became involved with Church of Satan - became a Second Degree Member (warlock)

During this same period, he went through York Rite Masonry and became a Knight Templar.

Later, in 1980, he went through Scottish Rite and became a 32nd degree Mason.

He was ordained a priest in the ORCC in Plainfield, IL at St. Paul's Old Catholic church. The ordination certificate is reproduced in MORMONISM'S TEMPLE OF DOOM.

Through the Church of Satan, he became aware of more "hard core" Satanic groups and got involved with them - first the Order of the Black Ram (in Michigan) and later the Brotherhood in Chicago. This was when he began to practice some pretty heavy-duty sorcery. In 1977-78 he began to study with the Monastery of the Seven Rays and was ultimately consecrated a Gnostic bishop by its head (see below...). The certificate is reproduced in LUCIFER DETHRONED. As a bishop, he was also charismated into the Syrio-Jacobite Orthodox episcopacy. At the same time, Bill was initiated into the "Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Mitzraim Freemasonry" and raised to the 90th degree of that Masonic rite.

In 1979 he was introduced to vampirism as part of his training in the dark arts and was initiated into the vampire cult in Chicago in the so-called Church of the Resurrection.

In 1980, he received a check back from the bank which he had sent to the Church of Satan for dues. A lady from the bank had written on the check, "I will be praying for you in Jesus' name." Within days, his life fell apart and he lost all his magical power. This crisis led us, ultimately to join the Mormon (LDS) Church...

In August of 1980, he and his wife, Sharon, were baptized LDS. He went through several church offices, including Elders' Quorum President and Institute of Religion teacher.

In June of 1984, Bill became gloriously saved through the power of the TRUE Jesus Christ (NOT the LDS counterfeit)

In February of 1985, he formally left the LDS Church.

In July of 1986, he did his first public ministry at the Capstone Conference in Salt Lake City. That was the formal beginning of Bill's ministry.

(An graph of this timeline can be seen at


First of all, this timeline has been published in brief (MORMONISM'S TEMPLE OF DOOM) in 1987, so it has been out there for some time for anyone to check out. That same book contained photocopies of most of Bill's Masonic initiation certificates, his ordinations in the Old Catholic and LDS churches, his certificate from the Church of Wicca, his Shrine certificate, etc.

Bill Schnoebelen was born and raised Roman Catholic (1949 - 1968).

Bill was introduced to the occult by a Catholic Priest at his college. He got disillusioned with the RCC with the changes of Vatican II and drifted into the occult and ultimately white witchcraft (1968). He was initiated that year as a priest of Wicca.

He remained a Wiccan and eventually became a high priest (1973) in the Alexandrian rite in Boston MA. This was in Jim and Patricia Baker's coven.

Along the way, for legal purposes, he was ordained a spiritualist minister (1972) in the Alliance of Divine Love by Rev. Barbara Selwa. This gave him the right to receive donations, etc. She knew Sharon and Bill were Wiccans and had no problem with it. In fact, at that time another of her ministers was a Wiccan.

In the summer of 1973, he and his priestess (soon to be wife - Sharon) went down to Arkansas to study under the "Grand Druid of North America" for 3 months of intense study. At the end of that time, they were made high priest and priestess in this tradition as well. (The "Grand Master Druid's" name was Eli and his tradition was called Druidic Craft of the Wise or Mental Science Institute).

Bill's High Priest certificate reproduced in TEMPLE OF DOOM1. Eli died in the early eighties and as far as we can tell, his organization morphed into a Native American Cherokee group in the 1980's whose remnants can be found at

To further complicate matters, both Bill and Sharon legally changed their names (for numerological and karmic reasons on Eli's advice) back in 1973. Bill became Christopher P. Syn. (Documents of this name change are printed in TEMPLE OF DOOM2 ). He legally changed his name back in the late seventies at the request of his father and mother. Thus, many of his early documents from this period were in the Syn name (1973-79)

Bill and Sharon moved to Milwaukee in 1974 at the request of a local occult bookstore owner because more than 80 people wanted them to train the locals as witches. While there they met an Old Catholic priest. Bill still had a yearning to be a Catholic priest, and was messed up enough theologically by now that he saw no conflict between being a Wiccan high priest and a candidate for the Catholic priesthood. In fact, they were taught that the two "priesthood lines" were complementary - like yin and yang.

From 75-76, Bill studied and was ordained to the Old Roman Catholic diaconate. He was ordained as an ORC deacon (document in TEMPLE OF DOOM with his signature 3) by Archbishop Francis Facione. He is still alive, and can be found at

Bill was ordained to the priesthood by Bishops Edward Stehlik and Julius Massey in Joliet, IL (Certificate and photos available). Both bishops happen to be deceased now, but he has the ordination document with their signatures. There are also photographs of the ceremony, taken at St. Paul's Old Catholic Church in Joliet. These photos have since been publicly presented in one of Bill's many videos, the new version of EXPOSING THE ILLUMINATI FROM WITHIN (2005).

At the same time, on the advice of Eli, Bill began studying the Masonic degrees and was made a Master Mason (1977) - document in TEMPLE OF DOOM with Worshipful Master Richard Decker's signature4.

This is important to understand: Many of Bill's spiritual teachers (both on this earth and supposed "spirit guides"5 ) were telling him that at the highest levels that Catholicism, Wicca and Freemasonry all blended together and he believed them, then and now; especially when Archbishop Cousins (Roman Catholic bishop of Milwaukee at that time) subsequently came out and publicly endorsed the Masons.

Once a Mason, Bill was drawn into first soft-core and then hardcore Satanism. He had been previously told that before one could get into serious Satanism, one had to become a high level Mason. It is fairly commonly known that in order to be a satanic priest, one must first be a Catholic priest. This is not as uncommon as you might think.

So, as hard as this might be to believe, Bill was simultaneously a Wiccan, a Freemason, an Old Catholic priest, and a Satanist (1976-80). You must understand that it is no great thing to become a high level Mason. All you have to do is plunk down your money and sit through a few weekends of excruciatingly boring rituals and you are a 32nd degree Mason (Scottish Rite). It takes about a month. Because Bill knew that high level Wiccans were also Masons, he saw no conflict there. Some of his brother Masons in Milwaukee (including a worshipful master of a lodge) was also occultists and Luciferians.

As far as the Old Catholic priesthood and the other things, Bill had been led to believe that the pope was secretly a Luciferian and that high level Luciferians existed throughout the Catholic Church. This has since been confirmed by other sources6.

In 1978 Bill was consecrated a bishop in the Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis - Gnostic Catholic Church (another branch of Old Catholicism) by Archbishop Michael Bertiaux. His consecration papers have been published in the original French in LUCIFER DETHRONED7. At the same time, Bill was made a Magister Templi (Master of the Temple) and had the 90th degree of Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry (Egyptian) conferred.

You can find Michael Bertiaux on the web. He is still alive and still involved in Gnosticism and other forms of hardcore occult evil like voodoo. See

However, by the "Augustinian principle" (Good Roman Catholic doctrine) Bill's consecration was "completely valid, if illicit" by Roman standards. He has a letter to that effect from Franz Cardinal Seper8 .

Therefore, during this time Bill was functioning as: 1) A Wiccan high priest, 2) An Old Catholic priest at a small Old Catholic parish in Milwaukee, 3) A Freemason and 4) A Satanist.

Bill did not publicly officiate as a bishop, though, but only did so privately (1978-80). One would be amazed to know how many Roman Catholic priests are secretly involved in the occult, witchcraft or even Satanism. It is tragic.

During this period, Bill and Sharon also began a brief period of relationship with the Church and School of Wicca and Gavin and Yvonne Frost (see certificate from their school 9). They had asked Bill, as a high priest from another tradition, to audit their correspondence course and see what he thought. Bill never became formally involved with them, though.

In 1980, in spiritual desperation (as recounted elsewhere), Bill prayed to Lucifer for a sign and got Mormon missionaries at his door. Having been told by both Eli and Gavin Frost (another prominent Wiccan author and co-head of the Church of Wicca) to join the Mormons if they had trouble, both Bil land Sharon joined the LDS church in 8/1980 (baptismal certificate in TEMPLE OF DOOM10).

At that point, Bill ceased practicing Satanism, stopped celebrating Mass as a Catholic priest, and began to cut back his involvement a little into Freemasonry. As his LDS (Mormon) church obligations increased, his Masonic involvement decreased somewhat. But he felt he could not, in good conscience, be a Mormon and also be a Satanist or a Catholic priest (since Mormons believe both to be evil and apostate). Bill was ordained an LDS elder in May of 1981 (certificate in same book 11).

After discussion with his LDS bishop, Bill remained in the seminary (hence the confusion about getting a Catholic degree while being a Mormon). However, he cut short his M. Div. Program and got a Masters in Theological Studies (a two year degree instead of a three year degree). Bill's Mormon bishop thought it might be helpful for him to complete the degree, even though he did not believe in Catholic theology any longer.

From 1980-84, Bill functioned as a reasonably normal Mormon elder, except for still practicing Wicca, because he had been given to understand that the leaders of the LDS church were secretly doing the same. Bill went through the temple with his wife, Sharon (see temple "recommend" in book - the document that lets you into the secret temple rituals12 ). The temple rites at that time and temple architecture confirmed that the LDS church was highly occult and Masonic.

In June of 1984, Bill became Born Again. He remained a Mormon for about ten months, trying to figure out if that was the right thing to do. Finally he left in the spring of 1985.

Many people believe that all this is impossible for one person to do, but once it is explained in the way it happened, it is not so unmanageable or impossible to follow.

You just have to be a little crazy like Bill was (what do you expect, he was serving the father of lies???).


(Note: All google videos have been reduced to low resolution)

"Interview with an Ex-Vampire". Part 1 of a 9 hours DVD Series.

"The Light Behind Free Masonry"

"Exposing the Illuminati From Within". Part 1

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  1. Deseree Russouw

    I fully believe that what Bill went through is genuine, as many Catholic priests and bishops etc are involved in satanist and while in the service of Satan / Lucifer it is possible to be linked to all of the above, as they are all linked to the occult in one way or another. But one does not have to be a free mason or part of the illumunati or any of the other to be a satanist or wicca. l have dealt with Satanist and witches who have never been part of the above, they have been drawn into occult and witchcraft in ways that seem initially so innocent that many do not realize what they have got them selves into until there is demonic manifestation in their lives and then for many they have no idea how to get out of it until some one shares with them the redeeming and saving grace and love of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and only then through accepting HIM as their Saviour do they receive deliverance, and in many cases healing and most important the gospel of salvation

  2. Dan Guzman

    Bill has become a light in a Dark place, as as important as Nickola Tesla a Spiritual Giant from a Higher plain of thought reality, perhaps a gift from another advanced Planet.. But Bill is one of our own & very very smart. I love hearing him speak on You-Tube video..We has Humans & our reality is a gift from God, this very Dimension we occupy is blessed to be at a higher vibration, atuned to forces of light & Sacred Geometry & Geo-Magnetism from the Stars & Planets as Franz Anton Mesmer learned & used (animal Magnetism) to be saduced into the Black Evil Vail allows a Human to lose they’re gift & be drug under to a Dark pit of ugly gross twisted (pervert) evil, that does not have or belong in this Dimension,, Satanist willingly give up their Golden Pass to degradate Spiritualy & devolve, in the clueless guise they will rule & rain.. Can a sane person rule and rane in a Psych ward, where people are deeply dammaged & confused, lashing out in fear & demonstrable anx toward any that seem to be blameable for their pain.. Hell is a place of torment, it can’t & will not honor any who sacrifice to serve it’s will or pit of lower vibration. Like alchemy turning Lead into Gold. Satanists are Gold (Gods children) who descend to become Lead & are not prised in any way. They lose, but win by being deceived & lied to by the author of lies. That is true & oh so stupid to call “FAITH” in & become it’s tool,like Darkness is a tool for Mold to grow…

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