Does the Illuminati run drug trafficking and the government as well as?

illuminati rape

Forcing as many souls as they can to receive the spiritual mark of the Beast (666), enslaving society through spiritual bondage, and preparing to set up the great tribulation against the true Christians? Are you aware that the Devil and his children / New World Order with its many branches such as the Free Masons / Mafia / New Age / Wicca’s / brotherhood of evil / The Family are handing out the spiritual mark of the beast and placing people into spiritual bondage / captivity to witchcraft / demonic powers Revelations 13,10. Oh yes, you weren’t aware of this? The New world Order has learned how to place people into spiritual bondage to witchcraft / demonic forces enslaving souls by the distribution of occult material into society in the form of games and or practices.

Have you played or practiced such occult paraphernalia as Ouija boards, tarot cards, or role playing games such as dungeons and dragons, mirror gazing , and or magic art, (which is the precursor to transcendental meditation and method for the secret ceremony they use to force people to receive the spiritual mark (666)! In said secret ceremony performed through transcendental meditation these witches inform the victim, through methods of witchcraft, that in accepting the worship of one of their “Gods” you accept the worship of them all. One of the New World Order’s “Gods” is Satan, another they named Jesus, but they seem to have a demon for every occasion. What better way is their to enslave society and bring all religions of the world together under one banner of 666?

When the Nazis within the order seduce people to play or practice said games, which there are many more, then they have placed you into spiritual bondage / captivity to witchcraft / demonic forces and a living Hell. You may not find out right away, but you will in time. The devil wants everyone. Beware of the Devils children and the spiritual mark of the beast. If you want proof just go out and start talking about what I have told you.. Also, Look up Rosicrucian / Freemasons & Associates / Illuminati / New World Order / Golden Dawn / Mafia & Associates / on the internet. Investigate the actions of organizations such as the CIA, FBI, 911 investigations, Halliburton rapes America, and Mind control to name a few. Listen to Myron Fagans 2.5 hour speech exposing the Satanic Illuminati. I don’t believe Myron was even aware of the witchcraft side of the New World Order. WAKE UP AMERICA, DO YOUR DUTY!!!

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  1. lily parker

    There is tons of documents implicating the CIA in drug trafficking from all over the world.

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