Why do people freak out about the Illuminati putting symbols in the media?

illuminati media

How can symbols hurt you? And what do you think someone can achieve by putting a bunch of symbols everywhere. Seems like wasted effort to me


  1. Steve R

    Symbols are dangerous, especially when ignorant and superstitious people imbue them with mystical meaning. Ever seen a swastika?

  2. ℓιvє ℓικε ωε'яε ∂чιиg ღ

    because people are paranoid…
    put that with boredom

    and you get videos like this:

  3. misskristenx

    Its related to mind control. Like Hitler and the control of the media? If its a ‘symbol’ does it represent something? Giving significances. Meaning. So why not ask whos using them and why. Makes more sense.
    Plus not so much freakin out, but worried. Considering what children maybe watching, young impressionable kids. Many adults claim to blame music as influence. And in history song was used as media, to cover news and current events. As songs are catchy and easy to remember.
    Again, songs media tv symbols> Brainwashing. Control. To not ask questions. To be familliar to it?

    Nothing wrong with a good question. And theres lots..

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