Is it true that the US military spent millions of dollars on remote viewing?

psychic spies

Remote viewing is like psychic spying as I understand it. I just heard this and have a hard time believing that even in a society as superstitious as the United States that the government would be stupid enough to spend money on this kind of malarkey and balderdash.


  1. Funktapus

    The CIA, which I think is the agency that perpetrated these studies, is incredibly superstitious and dogmatic. Its little more than a government sponsored crime family.

  2. Jolly Green Justin

    Jon Ronson’s book ‘The Men who Stare at Goats’ claims, with military and former military men as sources, that ‘remote viewing’ was indeed researched. However, millions of dollars is probably a gross overestimation.

  3. The Hall Monitor

    There is a book (soon to be a movie) called “the men who stare at goats”.
    It covers this aspect of government/military research.
    If you haven’t read it yet, it’s definitely worth a read.

  4. Kirk

    Sad isn’t it


  5. Racooneer

    The US intelligence community did indeed spend no less than $20 million on Remote Viewing development and deployment between the late 70’s and 1995. This is documented by F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater, lead Army trainer, in his book
    Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul. Check it out.

    RV absolutely continues to be used by governments everywhere today. However it’s now civilian contractors, often trained, ex-government employees who are doing most of this work.

    RV was created at Stanford Research Institute International with strict, scientific controls placed on all protocols. SRI to this day is considered one of the top ten scientific labs in the world. Check out it’s legitimacy for yourselves:

    While an exact explanation of how RV works is difficult to pin down, with well trained personnel it does generally yield accurate data about twenty percent of the time.
    I’m a trained Remote Viewer, like thousands of others around the world today.

    I’d be willing to bet most Americans would be grateful if a target viewed by a team of Remote Viewers was successfully located outside their front door and was able to be neutralized without doing serious harm.

    Do your own objective investigation of the dozens of RV sites out there today and you’ll find documented case studies that support my viewpoint on this acquired skill.

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