Is it possible to have a psychic attack in sleep (knowledgeable people only please)?

psychic attack

How does it feel like, and what can be the consequences.

Knowledgeable people only please.

Thank you so very much for your time and effort.


  1. ♥Gayboy♥ Swagger Up!

    No, no, no, no.

    Psychics and the like don’t exist.

  2. Kristi

    Yes because the ruminating thoughts have entered into the subconscious and are now the basis of an unsound mind. When the mind is confused evil enters unhindered into the psyche and disturbs the held beliefs with questions of doubt and strife. This is stress. It causes fear and physical pain, and according to the bible can even be evil spirits that cause “men’s hearts (and women too)to be failing for fear” in the tribulation. The logic of calling this concern “dumb” is ignorant and false. We are primarily spirit or there would be no salvation to seek as our perceptions would not exist. Judgmental people justify their lack of vision with that type of logic but it is ego and it is false. we have many perceptions and would be zombies without them. I thank God the Holy Spirit for a sound mind and wholeness in my spirit of my mind. Joy is the natural state of man’s perceptions unaltered by lies or “False Evidence Appearing Real” FEAR Actually, Gboy you are the one who is deluded about this as if it will bring comfort to all your other held delusions. We have a mandate to “think correctly” and it is a spirit of truth that is able to power our mental reasoning when we refuse temptation to fear. Love created us and is one with our spirit, whether we believe it or not is our choice. We are always making that choice with our mind, will and emotions. Take control of your thoughts and ask that the Holy Spirit reveal the peaceful and true whether or not your perception of doing so brings seeming separation from “the world” where confusion is still dominion of spiritual darkness aka ignorance. “My people perish for lack of wisdom” Jesus.

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