Why would Freemasons make up Christianity? Don't they do satanic rituals and stuff? If the bible tells people to be good and give every respect to God and not to the world and the Illuminati tells you to live in fear of the world so they can get paid from your fear, isn't that the opposite? What would they stand to gain from your non-fear? The Bible says that through Christ, you are not bound by the law so you should not fear it. How does me talking to my God and him answering through circumstance prove that a bunch of humans made up my faith? O'h maybe the USA government has been around in biblical times.(sarcasm). If Christianity is Mason-made, how do you explain separation of church and state? Why would the government want to take Jesus out of school and everything else?
I'm not paranoid I only choose not to hide from the truths I recognize.


  1. Delgarits

    Dude, you are being pulled into the paranoid delusion that is becoming all to common. It is all a bunch of conspiracy theories, stuff that when you look at it logically does not make any sense. There is no Illumaniti, no NWO, no planet Nibiru, FEMA is not making death camps, etc.

    You can spend your entire life in panic, worrying about crap like this or you can enjoy it.. Don’t let these crazy people pull you into their fantasy, get on with life and enjoy it.

  2. vicki d

    The Freemasons didn’t make up Christianity.
    This Illuminati myth is just crazy…..just shows you how people will jump on anything that they don’t understand.

  3. shawn

    yo you sound stupid. even the myth doesn’t say Freemasons made up Christianity. learn more about topics of interest before you make your opinion on them. Me, i do believe the Illuminati exist. luckily i also happen to be a realistic person with his priorities in order. look, educate yourselves a little more, and believe in it or not don’t go crazy. don’t panic. you’ll be OK.

  4. hermon tsegaye

    FUCK U FUCK U FUCK U thats all i have got to say to u shame full people that keep onsaying GOD doesn’t exist or is no good.there well come a time where you will regret every thing you are saying thanks god am ethiopian i bliv in god n no he is here n always will b if u stand by ur words n undermine gods words n being then make me bliv it u are craps n trust me am going to find u all or may b one person will n make u wish u wer nt a human being you think u r smart wit all ur illuminati group u think u conquer the world well guess wat i have a better thing to say to u ,we have a group of our own too and its called followers of god and we unlike u guys don’t need money or military power we r blessed by d words of god i thought i’ll wait to say this until the time comes but i can’t take it any more fuck u .we will meet n its nt to far

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