I once saw some documents and a video explaining the documents of how the illuminati want to create the rapture. Anyone know anything about this? It deals with depopulation, taking over holy sites in the middle east, and the final rapture to awaken lucifer. Thank you.


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  2. Calmness Before The Storm

    Sounds like something I read related to the Illuminati game cards.

    but I dont have more information

  3. Joe_Pardy

    The video you describe sounds very interesting and would fit the times very well. I have heard a recording by Myron C. Fagan that tells all about the Illuminati. The following is a summary of his lecture:

    Illuminati founder, Adam Weishaupt’s mission was to establish a New World Order (NWO), which would include the abolishment of all monarchical governments and religions. The use of a One World Government would allow those with the mental abilities (The Illuminati) to govern the world and prevent all future wars.

    This mission would require the creation of several world wars and many smaller ones. To help accomplish their aim, they divide the target group up by opposing beliefs, arm both sides, spark an incident, and let them kill each other off: The method is know as “Divide and Concur”. They beleive in, “The End Justified the Means” as well as “Rule of the Many by the Few”.

    Goals to achieve this mission include the following:

    1. To establish a One World Government / New World Order
    2. Destroy national identity and national pride
    3. Destroy other religions
    4. Control people through mind control
    5. Bring an end to industrialization
    6. Depopulate large cities through genocide
    7. Suppress scientific development
    8. Kill 3 billion people by 2050 using war
    9. Demoralize workers by creating mass unemployment
    10. Manage crises after creating them
    11. Collapse the world’s governments
    12. Cause political chaos
    13. Control foreign and domestic polices
    14. Phase out governments while empowering the U.N.
    15. Penetrate and subvert all governments to destroy their integrity
    16. Organize world wide terrorist
    17. Control and destroy the education system

    Information Sources :

    Much of the earlier information was provided, by the grace of god, when a lightning bolt struck down an illuminati messenger, who was carrying detailed information concerning the (NWO) agenda. More current information has been provided by members of the illuminati who have since left the organization.

    Additional detailed information by Myron C. Fagan:

    The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations

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