I can’t generalise, but I think a lot of Atheists discount all supernatural things?

illuminati psychic

also pseudo-sciences.

Now I know that all atheists don't agree here but ...

personally I don't believe in ghosts, mediums, psychics, fairies, water divining, homoeopathy, reiki, faith healing, zombies, unlucky/lucky numbers, tipping salt for luck, blarney stone, aliens buzzing people in Nevada etc, aliens making crop circles, bigfoot, loch ness monster, lucky/unlucky black cats, lucky horseshoes, lucky bird poo, 7 years bad luck for breaking a mirror, toucning wood for luck, 13th floor bad luck, haunted houses/graveyards, telekinesis, palm reading, tea-leaf reading, astrology, dreams that predict the future, past lives in hypnosis, reflexology, worthiness of a tin foil hat as protection from microwaves etc, moon influencing sanity (what we used to call lunatics are now diagnosed as having bi-polar disorder), werewolves, vampires, flat earth, Elvis still alive, Princess Diana murder conspiracy, falsification of moon landings, crystal healing, dianetics, Illuminati controlling the word, Illuminati as reptiles, anything out of the mouth of David Icke, perpetual motion, Tutankhamun's curse, graphology, that Gillian McKeith has a valid Phd, phrenology, biorhythms, iridology, magnetic therapy, laundry balls (the wife tried them, clothes left still smelly), intelligent falling, penta water, Lamarckism, spontaneous human combustion (they combust all right, but its the wick effect and takes time), alchemy, numerology, leprechauns, tooth fairy, santa, boogey men, monsters under the bed/in the wardrobe, easter bunny, magnetic healing, mmr vaccine causes autism, anything by Eric Von Daniken, Holy Grail, any allusion to truth in the Da vinci code, precognition, telepathy, parapsychology, ESP, poltergeists, near death experiences as anything other than experiences produced by the brain, clairvoyance, prayer as anything a focusing of hopes and desires, spoon bending by Uri Geller (he's been caught cheating), spirit photographs, ouija boards, Jesus's image on the moon, Elvis's image on toast and probably a thousand other things I forgot to mention.

The question to Atheists is: have I gone too far?

The question to Christians or is: Is there any of you that discount all of the above and the rest but are still firm in your religious convictions?

Oh sorry belivers prayer slipped in there by mistake. Please ignore that in the list.
kellybug : Well unline any of the above there is proper evidence that the Big Bang happened. the most compelling of which is the Existence of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. the case is closed. That's why their spending US$5 billion on the LHC. They wouldn't spend that sort of money on checking out telekinesis or any of the above and whe you say "not us coming from monkeys" you're ignoring solid evidence from 1000s of different disciplines that show that its true. The most compelling is the evidence in our DNA that shows that the common ancestor of of man and chimpanzees caught the same viruses infecting the same bits of our DNA in exactly the same place. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1fGkFuHIu0


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