Are those Illuminati conspiracy theories similar to the Masonic conspiracy theories?

illuminati conspiracy

First of all, the Masonic conspiracy theories are total BS. Anyone that tells you that Masonic organizations are evil or Satanic needs a reality check.

I saw the movie Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks, and there were references to the Illuminati. I've heard other stories that they were a secretive Satanic organization, but I don't trust those stories at all.

Are the Illuminati conspiracy theories based on any fact at all? Who were (or are) they?


  1. mike jones

    Masons are not satanists, why worry about the illuminati a group we cannot see, when we have groups we can see doing evil every day….Why don’t we call these people satanists…Example Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, The CIA LOLOLOL!

  2. Silly Salamander

    Yes, and they’re both loony.

    The Illuminati conspiracy theories have zero basis in fact.

    There actually was an organization called the Illuminati which was started in Bavaria in 1776, but they ceased to exist by 1785, when secret societies were banned by Karl Theodor.

  3. The_Doc_Man

    Some years ago an author wrote a trilogy about the Illuminati, which popularized them in modern culture. Prior to that, the word was less well known.

    People have been theorizing for CENTURIES about how some mysterious forces have influenced our lives in so many negative ways. Before it was the Illuminati, it was the Knights Templar. Before that, it was the Sanhedron. It is (apparently) a natural thing for folks to try to find someone to blame when stuff doesn’t happen like they liked. It is a way of deflecting blame for your personal failures:

    The Devil made me do it!

    Whitey holds me down!

    The Illuminati are keeping all the money (power).

    The Zionists are to blame.

    The (Republicans,Democrats) are at fault.

    The finger-pointing occurs every time someone fails to do as they wanted and cannot believe that it ever could have been their fault.

  4. Secret Squirrel

    Check on “Bilderberger”, here is a short piece:

    “The highest levels of the Obama administration are infested with members of a shadowy, elitist cabal intent on installing a one-world government that subverts the will of the American people.”

    Read more:

  5. rockstar

    plz don’t be confused , if u want answers they exist

    since u saw the movie u must be knowing about the 4 elements fire ,water , air , sand etc…

    if u may note all these elements r present in the human body .

    yes , told in the movie , but fifth element ?

    the fifth element is space . if u may note our body includes the 4 elements but these 4 elements need space to exists . in fact u can take the case of universe too , everywhere we can find either these 4 elements with space in which they exist .

    in Sikhism these r given along with that humans call themselves the creator whereas the truth is that the real creator is the god who created these 5 elements . and we may call a human a creator only if he has ability to create a sixth 1. even scientists agree that world consists of basic particles from which further molecules and other particles r made .
    and plz do ‘nt be confused about satan. satan r the vices in our heart like ego ,greed avarice,lust,attachment. under the influence of these a person does all evil deeds .
    to know more Sikh religious books has answers to all questions and even stands test of time or science eg it includes how big bang etc theory , and further tells how , why god created universe etc .

  6. BobbyNOVA

    See how their reverse psychology works?>> “…if there was a secrect organization than how come everyone knows about it?”>>>>Leans one to the opinion that this could just be a thoery….

    your eneymy knows you better than you know yourself!

  7. La Nokta Besto

    This is just to reiterate that the Illuminati conspiracy theories are nonsense.

    And the Bilderberg Group isn’t some nefarious secret society:

  8. cl_freemason

    they are not based on fact at all.

    the Bavarian Illuminati, to which every reference refers, was a group, a secret society, that wanted to bring about a new world order (they coined the phrase) through education and enlightenment, free from the dogmas and fanaticism of formal religions.

    the lasted about 9 years and were disbanded 225 years ago.

    amazing how they can last so long in the minds of naive people — of course can you blame them when there fiction writers (dan brown) and down right bad people – cutting edge, schnoebelen, etc… trying to make a profit off those naive people????

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