Any christian that can give me his/her point on the illuminati conspiracy?

illuminati conspiracy

What do you think, as a christian, this means? If you are not religious or don't believe in this, how do you feel about this? Does anyone know any passages or books from the bible that talk about this?


  1. Almond

    There is a vast difference between science and faith, and practically every argument that targets faith. It’s difficult to argue with faith, at is is a belief. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Richard

    anyone can put anything on the internet and people will believe it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

  3. Chris

    There will be a satanic one-world government in the future that is led by antichrist. The Books of Revelation and Daniel in the Bible makes this clear.

    Some of the various groups and “councils” that are working to achieve this satanic goal of a one-world government led by antichrist, can be referred to as illuminati.

  4. chump

    There are many people investigating the shadow rulers of this world, which include the Illuminati. It could be one of the world’s allies that oppose God’s will for man, and is using the elements of the world to crush , kill and destroy in subtle ways. Some have matched the references in Revelation to such organizations, but there is much speculation still.

    If you like, I have some websites I can send you to get a clearer picture. I’m into conspiracy theories for fun, and they can be real eye openers for people that have the courage to investigate.

    The world is not what it appears to be.

  5. Pastor Biker

    The Illuminati conspiracy essentially believes that in the world there are one or more major groups conspiring to take over the world. Jesus tells us in Matthew 15:14, “If the blind lead the blind they shall both fall into the pit” (see also John 9:41)! Most have been thoroughly convinced that all such conspiracy theories are preposterous imaginings, warped fables, urban legends, or are a response to unfounded fears. It has been said that the devil’s best deception is to make people believe that he does not exist – the ultimate conspiracy!

  6. Cheshire Cat

    Conspiracies happen, but whether it’s a group called the “illuminati” or not is irrelevant. The damage these people do is about the same. Sometimes “conspiracy” has less to do with people getting together in hidden closed meetings than multiple people acting in complete a corrupt cause for vile reasons, such as the worship of greed and acting in tandem (by agreement or pure competitive selfishness) to do something destructive, like “I think I’ll mess over my employees and give myself massive undeserved raises because that’s what Billy over at Enron was doing” or “I know the president is going to turn a blind eye to oil industry corruption for the next 8 years, so I bet he won’t mind if I bribe all government oversight people with sex, drugs, and cash. I mean, his investments will show a profit, so why would he complain?” (And then for the next 7 years it works out until some rouge reporter writes it up in August of 2008, causing oil profits to plummet.)

    So does all that garbage REQUIRE a secret organization to make it so? Not really. Maybe it’s there or maybe not, but the results are the same and THAT’s what leads to the feeling like your hind end is really sore!

  7. Ancient

    In the eyes of the Lord it matters not. All politics is the tool of the devil as is shown by the actions of the worldly. Stay away from worldly matters and deciate yourself unto the Lord. He is waiting for you, sister.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you always.

  8. Percian

    Everything is not as it seems, alien lifeforms has continued to dictate the destiny of man for many years. They will show themselves before too long but mankind is not ready to absorb the real truth as we are still only interested in our own little world and intent on self destruction.

  9. Rasheedah

    Hey, i’m like super spiritual (i believe in god, jesus, and the holy ghost & the ‘good news’), but this illuminati stuff was totally made up & now all the religious fanatics are eating it up! I don’t care what anyone says; why worry about human beings & who they sell their souls to? First off the devil (Ha Satan) can not own a soul, because God gave us the breath of life & when we die he will get it back. Second, the devil has no power, whatever God tells or allows him to do is what he can do otherwise he is just a scary story people love to elaborate on. I’m not going to worry about some anti-christ & the beast, because I believe that my God is all-powerful & there is nothing that can stand up to him. If i believe this than I will not fall for some crap that the anti-christ or the beast tells me. You shouldn’t either. People love falling for stories.

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