what is illuminati and do they really exist?

highkickthrough asked:

i hear people saying that illuminati killed tupac and i think it is all bs... and what exactly is illuminati and what do they do? do they really exist? if what do they do for living?

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  1. Nick B

    the Illuminati are supposed to be the anti catholic… they are suppose to exsit kinda like the free masons for us

  2. Vanaran

    Its a conspiracy theory so no one knows for sure except the people who are in it.

  3. No Picture

    If they existed, wouldn’t you think that they’d remove everything about their existence on the web, since they’re so powerful and control everything?

  4. ashkalilly

    The illuminati control the media, and politics. There are known members, like Jay-z, diddy, george bush, clinton. They worship satan, and are working towards a new world order. And yes, the illuminati did kill tupac. He spoke out against them and he was shot soon after. So did michael jackson, and JFK. They want to create a “one world government”. They are going to dissolve the borders and put computer chips into our hands and foreheads. Some of us will be killed, and some will be used as puppets.
    If you don’t believe me, do some research. Youtube has plenty of videos on it. And the reason they don’t remove the videos is because it would draw more attention to it. And most people think it’s all bull, so they arent worried.
    But just keep an open mind.

  5. 18721169

    May I ask why this in RHH? You would have better luck in the History section or w.e but anyways

    The Illuminati is a secert society [kinda like the Free Masons] found by a man named Adam Weishaupt in the 1700’s there goal was to unify the world and eleminate religion. Some people still believe it exist other thing there gone.

  6. Chris S

    @ No Picture,
    They don’t rip that stuff off the internet and excessive places for a reason. Because they are smarter than you think.. Thats how they make people like you doubt about their existence. It all makes sense. They know how we work.

    Now to answer your question. Illuminati controls the media. (ex. Government, music, and everything.)
    its better to do research on your own. Go to the links below for a little guidance. It’s pretty fucking creepy. Just look at your local Taco Bell sign. The bell has an eye. The symbol used most by Illuminati is the eye in the pyramid. ITS EVERYWHERE. 1 Dollar bills. Nick Jr. Everyday movies. Another used symbol is 911. Again its a movies. On Gremlins 2 the first reporters microphone has a “9” and the reporter that has the microphone right next to it has “11” 911. 911 is the emergency hotline. Illuminati.com backwards (Itanimulli.com) redirects to ! I hope I’ve answered your question good enough.

  7. chris carter

    Of course the Illuminati exists. Most of them are celebrities. They’re not a real tight group though. It’s more of a network of influential people. It’s alot of entertainers. The Illuminati does have some rappers. Busta Rhymes was Illuminati. the rapper Guru led the Nyc Illuminati for awhile. DJ Clue has his NY group of Illuminati. Clue was kicked out of the Illuminati for talking too much on his mix tapes. He always bragged about his group on tapes called the “Clue, Clue, Cluminati”.
    The Illuminati aren’t a big thing anymore. They started alot of fighting amongst themselves. The FBI took apart alot of those secret societies. The Illuminati was known for changing leadership alot. People were constantly fighting for leadership of the group. There are several branches of the Illuminati, it’s not just one group. There was a west coast branch, an east coast branch and the group in Asia.
    Don’t even worry about Tupac. He’s still alive. So is Biggie Smalls. For real, that’s the truth. Sometimes they fake their death and reappear under a new identity. I know the guy who was Tupac, he’s pretty cool, he’s still alive for real. The Illuminati had put out a death warrant on Tupac for talking too much to the media. Biggie Smalls is still alive too but he’s using a different identity now. Whenever you hear that a celebrity has died, don’t even stress over it. They keep one identity here and another identity there. Nas used to be D Nice of Boogie Down Productions. Most people never noticed. Janet Jackson wasn’t selling as many cd’s so she started using Rhianna name and image to make new songs. That guy that played Judge Harry Stone on Nightcourt became Jerry Seinfeld. They switch identities to keep it seeming new.

  8. scott .p

    Illuminati is real i think but don’t just go look up any thing cuz for one there alot of bull shit on the web from what i understand is that they think god was to hared on the devil they think he should have got another chances so they believe he is still as gorgeous as he was when he was a angle and to let u you know the free mason and skulls and bones society are part of the Illuminati. i think there is one other one 2 from what i have read most of the riches people in the world are in it there are 17 families.

    1. Astor

    2. Bundy

    3. Collins

    4. DuPont

    5. Freeman

    6. Kennedy

    7. Li (Chinese)

    8. Onassis

    9. Rockefeller

    10. Rothschild

    11. Russell

    12. Van Duyn

    13. Merovingian (European Bloodlines)

    14. Reynolds

    15. Disney

    16. Krupp

    17. McDonald

    from what most people say they believe that if you sell your sole to the devil you will get fame and for-chin. and some people say the Illuminati mad the 9-11 happen so just go look it up and see what u fined out.

  9. Matt

    Illuminati does excist to manipulate mankind and brainwash people, do not pay to much attention to it though, they only trying to create hate, fear obsession etc. through out the media.

    Peace to yall

  10. antchrist

    The illuminati is a group of evil men that have been trying to rule the world since the begginning of time… in the beginnning there were these reptilians placed on this planet to have intercourse with humans and make a new race. a hybrid race that will live on earth until its end and there goal is to control everything… they are the richest people on earth they control the government and celeberties are just puppets that are controlled by them… the media is undercontrol by them… they want to create a new world order and they are doing it in the process… the new world order is suppose to create peace cuz its going to be a world with one government for everyone… wich means there will be peace…. they are gonna have to put fear into people and reduce the population in order for the new world order to work… its all suppose to happen in 2012… remember guys on the strong minded people will survive the events that will take place in 2012… everything will be staged too make it seem real to the people and convincing enough to put fear in people… human are basically just cattle that will be slaughtered if needed to be…

  11. john 3:16


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