Why is there Illuminati symbolism in all most all main stream media?

illuminati media


This is only a small amount, if you research and learn there symbols you will find WAY more than just this. Its in Movies,Tv,Music, Advertising almost all main stream media.

Are you afraid to watch a 9min video, not even a video a slide show of images. Who knows maybe you will get a laugh out of it.


  1. Peace through blinding force

    I quit watching after several highlighted MASONIC images.
    Can’t you nuts get your secret societies straight?

  2. TJTB

    These symbols are mysterious and denote a secret agenda… so they’re perfect props and imagery to use in movies when a secret agenda or an elite society is to be intimated.

  3. Amgar

    Part of their brainwashing the masses. Jesus Christ is the only way, our only hope.

  4. Socrates

    Well there’s a few ways of looking at it. I think sometimes it’s deliberate and sometimes not.

    First, I have to get everyone on the same page. The Order of the Illuminati is not fiction, it is an actual secret society that was formed in Bavaria in 1776. So some of you should really come down off your high horse and quit trying to make jokes. You are not as clever as you think you are.

    Ok, that being said, and without even TOUCHING the question of whether the Illuminated Order still exists, the symbolism that WAS used by the Illuminati has a lot in common with the symbolism of many other occult orders, religions and philosophical movements throughout history.

    It is my opinion, from my own research, that the reason so many within religious and occult circles re-use the same imagery, is because that imagery is already deeply ingrained within the human psyche in the form of what Carl Jung called *archetypes.*

    Archetypes are not learned, but inborn. They contain ancestral knowledge, common to all of mankind— which is why completely different cultures, often divided by thousands of miles and/or years, have common symbolism within their respective religions and artforms.

    For more on this, see the work of Joseph Campbell and other scholars of comparative mythology.

    (Now, before some of you start rolling your eyes, you should know that archetypes are a proven and easily demonstrable fact, well accepted by mainstream psychology.)

    Archetypes are very significant because they can be used to affect a powerful emotional and spiritual response within people. They can be used to elate, to enlighten, or to manipulate.

    The reason these symbols are used commercially could be because some marketing experts have learned the power of archetypes and are using them deliberately.

    However, in many cases, artists use archetypal symbolism without even knowing it. Star Wars, for example, is often noted as being rich with archetypes (esp. what Jung called “the Hero,” and “the Shadow”). This is, at least partially, an explanation for the enduring success of the Star Wars mythos. These images affect people in deep and meaningful ways.

    On the other hand, to be fair, it also could be because the folks running these powerful corporations are actually occultists. It could also be that the school of thought they follow is somehow descended from that of the Illuminati, the Freemasons, and other “hermetic” orders.

    I don’t claim to know.

    But in some cases, it’s pretty obvious, such as Exxon’s use of the Cross of Lorraine. I believe that this was probably deliberate, simply because I know that the Rockefellers are occultists who are obsessed with bloodlines, and pageantry, and they like to think of themselves as royal or divine.

    This is a very deep subject and not everyone who writes about it is as… rational… as I am. You have to be careful who you listen to and triple check your sources. In the end, trust your intuition.

    Happy reading!

  5. Bill

    most people will not see this, but the illuminate have been manipulating us for centuries and they will always tell us what they are going to do which just shows their complete arrogance. they put symbols all over the place knowing we will not see them. seems like some kind of game or something with them. maybe they’re really bored or something, who knows. the only thing I know for sure is most people will think me crazy, so I guess their strategy works pretty good.

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