What do you think about the Illuminati Conspiracy Theory?

illuminati conspiracy

Is it related to 9/11? were they involved in the J.F.K Assassination? how can it be stopped?
any comment or opinion matters.


  1. Change Now

    The rich and powerful have always controlled human affairs—get used to it because it won’t stop in our lifetimes.

  2. ahandle101

    They also covered up that the Loch Ness monster is really a descendant of Jesus’s magic dog.

  3. jeeper_peeper321

    I think their nuts.

    Think about it:

    Some secret group that supposedly controls governments all over earth.

    Now why would they let all the books, web pages, etc that’s been written about them, to be published ?

    After all, if they control all the governments, wouldn’t they just use them to keep the existence of the group completely secret ?

    It makes no sense at all, that a secret group with that much power, would allow so many people to know they exist.

  4. Daisy Y

    well i think it is related to 9/11 “terrorist attack” because in a Simpsons episode aired THREE YEARS BEFORE 9/11 in 9/27/1997 Bart is holding a magazine “new york” $9 next to the 9 it shows the twin towers. after 9/11 they banned the episode. Many people say revolt against the government but I think faith in God and spread the word around even if people wont believe you.

  5. IrOnMaN

    It’s not a conspiracy. It’s real. Believe it or not you are being controlled everyday. Let me give you an example of this control. School it teaches you obedience in higher authority and to not think for yourself it does more harm than good. Chem trails yes they are chemicals used to dumb down people. Let’s jump to the magnificent US dollar on it it directly says novus ordo seclorum which means new world order.
    -Face the facts because they are exact.
    This is just something for beginners don’t want to go in depth and confuse you.
    By the way 9/11 was not a conspiracy it was set up years in advance. It wasn’t because of terrorists. It wasn’t because of our own government wanting oil. It was all illuminati. When a state of fear or terror is implemented people will naturally turn to government and put trust into their hands since they are your so called protectors and “they know whats best for you”.

    Expect a catastrophe on a global scale in near future such as another 9/11 or terrorist attacking world, or one country going against world. This will bring the world together to go up against this force. In which this will be used to create one world government, or New World Order.

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