by Barry Chamish

A longtime reader sent me a book that he assured me would radically change my political understanding. And he was almost right.

The book is called Political Ponerology written by a self-claimed Polish refugee in America, Andrew Lobaczewski, hereafter referred to as the author. To my initial delight, it is edited
by a correspondent of mine for the past 14 years, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, hereafter referred to as the editor.

Ponerology is a term invented by the author and it means the study of the nature of political evil. Abusive editing does not fall into this category, but it should. As we shall see, the editor got hold of the rights to an important work and exploited it to push her own agenda, one which has nothing to do with the book itself.

The author believes that psychopaths are driven by rejection to take over governments and make whole nations and societies evil. We all know, or should know, psychopaths. They are manipulative, mostly men, who totally lack empathy for other people. Though they have learned to appear normal, that is merely a survival tactic. They lie without conscience, have sexual relations without regard for the feelings of their victims, they hurt others because they don't care about them, they foment division in all human relationships, and they justify complete selfishness because they feel superior to the adjusted world. When caught in misdoing, they put the hurt party on the defensive with false justifications. When they manage to achieve political power they can and do murder without remorse because they don't feel the pain of humanity. And they will murder for such "crimes" as simply disagreeing with them.

The author claims just .6% of a typical nation is composed of psychopaths but ten times that number, or 6%, have various psychological illnesses that permit them to support, even violently, the psychopath. They become the nouveau riche of the new society, while another 12% are callous or cowardly enough to create the bureaucracy. In short, it takes only 18% of the population to run an evil state.

This sums up the author's case. The book is a ponderous killer to read, written in the humorless style of most Eastern European literature. It is a thorough, clinical, case by case study of rule by psychopaths. In the editor's introduction, we get a first example of what will give the work unnecessary tension:

(Imagine) a case where the subject spent his childhood blowing up frogs with firecrackers. It is widely known that George W. Bush did this.

From this humble beginning, look what we get! We begin with a barely comprehensible statement from the author followed by footnote number 38 by the editor:

Even those historians familiar with the genesis and character of the Prussian state, including its ideological subjugation of individuals to the authority of king and emperor, and its tradition of bloody expansionism, intuit that these situations contained some activity of an uncomprehended fatality which eludes an analysis in terms of historic causality. 38

Now don't you wish you had said that? To which the editor replies:

38. An interesting comparison is the regime of George W. Bush and the Neoconservatives It closely follows the Kaiser in Germany.

Yeah, sure it does. Now watch the editor change the view of the author, who has sheepishly noted that among nations, Jews have the highest rate of schizoids:

The famous writings attributed to the Learned Elders Of Zion begin with a typically schizoidal declaration...We have to remember that 97% of Jews do not manifest this anomaly, and that it also appears among all European nations. 101

To which the editor corrects the author, noting that:

101. The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion is now known to have been a hoaxed attribution to Jews. However, the contents are clearly not hoaxed ideas since a reasonable assessment of the events of the United States over the past fifty years or so gives ample evidence of their application in order to bring about the current Neoconservative administration.

That's setting the author straight. And it just keeps getting worse.

They initially perform subordinate functions in such a movement and execute the leaders' orders, especially whenever something needs to be done which inspires revulsion in others. 103

And that little observation sent the editor on a three quarter page diatribe beginning with:

103. Here, we cannot help but think of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield, proteges of Neoconservative philosopher, Leo Strauss.

If I was the author, I'd be furious with the editor. She has taken his masterwork and added thoughts outside his worldview. And as we shall see, it only gets more intrusive. She has concluded that Bush Jr. is a frog murdering psychopath. So what does that make his predecessor William Clinton, who used women non-stop and lied about it every time? Or of the
current President who has lied about his entire academic past and very likely, even his birth nation? And on we go:

Millions of people ponder the dilemma of whether such a ruler could not modify his convictions somewhat and relinquish his dream of conquering the world. 107

107. This is especially true in the present day when the leaders and parliaments of many other countries, unhappy with the Bush Neocon administration, think elections in the US will set things right.

And now, the inevitable punchline, Israel:

It appears obvious, that religious systems have also succumbed to ponerologenic processes and manifested the symptoms of a similar disease. 126

126. Not to mention the fact that the Neocon-Bush administration is currently using Christian-Zionism as the ideology by which they mask pathocracy.

The religious idea then becomes both a justification for using force and sadism against non-believers, heretics and sorcerers...

127. As is the case of the US and Israel today.

As if Arab suicide bombers aren't psychopathic or the belief that Jesus was a Palestinian or that there was an ancient Palestinian nation doesn't fall into the same disease. Name a Palestinian national leader before Arafat. Strangely, the editor betrays her own knowledge of the broader truth in another footnote:

79. In Muslim cultures, where, if a woman is raped, it is the duty of her male family members to kill her to wipe away the shame from the family name. This act is pathological and criminal.

Whereas, the author does not mention Israel even once. As for religion, he comments mostly on his own, Catholicism.

The Roman Empire contaminated the primary homogenous idea of Christianity...This earthy foreign element infiltrated Christianity depriving it of any healthy support for, and trust in, the necessity of understanding human nature.

Political Ponerology has much to offer and should be read...without the editor's personal footnotes. We hope a better edition is planned.



I had my own trouble with intrusive editors. I wrote a book called Return Of The Giants:

It was honest journalism that followers of one Zechariah Sitchin wanted to edit and publish. They phoned and wrote non-stop. However, my research and reading of Sitchin established for me that he was mostly a fraud and I refused all offers of publication. I imagine Lobaczewski had little choice and took any offer he could get.

When reading the book, I wondered where I fit in. No, I don't fit the psychopath mode. A closer description would be: Many people rebel against psychopathic domination and search for some way of liberating themselves from such an influence.

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