How can the Illuminati be illuminated when they resort to depopulating the world so they can survive?


They can't be so illuminated if they don't know the world is an illusion and nothing is permanent, which includes them. They have to be acting out of ignorance to depopulate the planet, which indicates the actual darkness that the Illuminati live in.


  1. TobiasFunke2

    How in any way is world being depopulated? It is the exact opposite. Plus the illuminati is just a fairy tale.

  2. Roadhazzards

    Please PROVE the Illuminati actually exist with citing some idiot web site and then PROVE that one of their stated goals is to depopulate the planet, which is not a bad idea by the way.

    Hey thumbs down crowd, you have problem when someone asks for proof ? ROFLMAO

  3. brown9500.v10

    We are not depopulating the planet…we are just getting rid of the stupid people.

    What was your name again?

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