Obama to Disclose X-Files on Anti-Gravity Technology?

Does Obama have any real power? Or does a "Secret Government" maintain control over it?Will Obama Declassify X-Files on Anti-Gravity? 

Countdown to May Day! 
May 1, 2009 (Obama's 100th day in Office)
Will he do it???
It's not over YET!!! 

Who is the real Illuminist?Will the Illuminati please step forward. Ca the American people handle the reality that we have been studied and meddled with as a species for our entire human history. UFO's are mainstream. The time has come

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  1. jesuschriss

    Give me a break. Conspiracy theorists need to get a handle on themselves. What makes them think that Obama is on their side? He’s just another puppet. If there truly exists any such documents, they aren’t going to come from the President of the United States. He’s the fu*@in’ President!

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