Chuck Baldwin Rips NEW WORLD ORDER

Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution party 
talks about how America is being sold out by both parties....

This arm of the Evangelical movement actually gets what this site and  others like it are about. Exposing the ONE PARTY system and their plans for the dissolution of our soviegnty is the goal. To educate and disseminate knowledge,


  1. Brian

    Ive been part of the constitution party for about a year. I just wanted to state that this party is not for evangelicals only. Those who are attracted to this, believe the spirit of the constitution has been legislated out of existance and subverted. People are conditioned from early in life to fear the religious right. Wrongly of course.

  2. Lynn D.

    Chuck Baldwin is part of the Harlot that rides the Beast false Ecclesiastical system controlled by the Trilateral Commission and Freemasons. Yes is right on about the one party system in America but he is not fighting the spiritual warfare required by the Bible for true Christians. Instead, he is part of the unequally yoked, 501(c)3 Baptist denomination who teach numerous false doctrines and are under the thumb of the masons. If Baldwin were a true follower of Christ, he would not want to join in the government’s game of politics. He would know that we are in a SPIRITUAL WAR (Eph 6:12) and that Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world….” John 18:36. If you’re not following Jesus, you’re not a Christian and you can’t follow Jesus Christ by joining up with the Satanically controlled government of the world in a fleshly effort to “run for president” and try to change things in this present world. The only way the church could have changed anything would have been to obey the Lord and separate from worldly government and stand for the TRUTH. Instead they signed up for 501c3 tax exemption which makes the GOVERNMENT their master and they agree not to preach the whole truth of the Bible. Chuck Baldwin is just an Ecclesiastical opposition leader with 95 percent truth and 5 percent (lethal) lies. He is both deceived and deceiving others just like the Bible predicted: “But evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 2 Tim 3:13 Follow Chuck Baldwin and end up in a ditch. Follow Jesus Christ and end up in eternal paradise.

  3. Pastor Ed Watson

    A Big Fat AMEN to Lynn D.! I have been sounding the alarms bells about this movement also. I was once a part of his website on the black regiment preachers, but the Lord soon dealt with me about that. EVERY single person who came to us from that website was borderline psychopathic. I do not believe one of them to have been true Christians as they had no desire to pray and follow the Lord. They were a proud rebellious and evil bunch covered with a veneer of Christianity. They worshipped Chuck Baldwin and Ron Paul, but could not care less about the needs of others, were biblically ignorant and complained because I “preached too much.” By “preach too much” they mean talk about Jesus even while not preaching. I just thought I would re-inforce what you have said by the horrible experience of being yoked up with this Baptist cult. Much more could be said but I will just say that when the Lord dealt with me and showed me these things and I deceided to leave I shared with other pastors what you have so plainly laid out and it was like Hell turned loose on me. They conspired through a campaign of lies to destroy me, my family and my reputation. They are truly an evil bunch.

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