What does the Illuminati have to do with shapes shifting reptilians?


I've heard discussions about the Illuminati relating to human reptoids, now im curious to know whats all this fuss about


  1. 1781

    The short of it is:

    Through mystery schools the “Illuminati” (for lack of a better name, I assure you though that this term is incorrect) have controlled and steered civilization for thousands (yes thousands) of years. For a better look at their dynasty I recommend researching mystery schools.

    When we trace these schools to their roots one finds a curious cross over between the birth of humanity and the rise of civilization. The two events are entirely synchronous as in it appears that they happened at the same time. Civilization and the Illuminati rose together.

    From here one can look at the earliest creation stories which tells not of a story of man being created by a loving god but in fact tells a story mostly of “gods” in which man plays a very small part. In these legends the Gods created man as slaves to do their bidding for all time. These gods are described by many cultures around the world to be lizards, reptiles, snakes and dragons.

    That’s the very short of it. Let me know if you want to know more but I recommend doing your own research and not taking my word for it. I’m not 100% sure myself but try to be open minded. I’m pretty sure that these beings are NOT aliens. I think that is a cover. I think they probably came from this planet, perhaps evolving from Dinosaurs which would make more sense! I mean, we know we had Lizards HERE already… I couldn’t vouch for anywhere else in the universe!

    For further reading look into:
    ~ Enûma Elish.
    ~ Mystery Schools
    ~ List of Reptilian Humanoids (Wikipedia)
    ~ Akashic Field Theory
    ~ Holographic Universe Theory

    I recommend avoiding the work of authors like David Icke and Alex Jones et al and digging below this surface. These people are alters placed to deflect inquiry.

    Ultimately, remember that there is no truths and every truth to be found in this world. It is an illusory place where you shall find whatever you look for. The only truth can be found within. If you want to find that may I recommend Zen, Tao, Akasha etc.

  2. Happy Hiram

    Do a search on Lemuria or Lemurians. It is a parallel story to the story of Atlantis and many people believe the Illuminati are Lemurians or their descendants. Rumor has it Michelle Obama is one. Does she stick her tongue out a lot on TV?

  3. Andrew

    The Illuminati is a semi-secret society that no longer truly exists. Several groups claim to be descended from the Illuminati and some believe they are still around. Ever hear all that hogwash about how the Free Masons built this country and are secretly controlling it behind the scenes? (Like in the movie National Treasure) Same general idea.

    Well, apparently your friends have been into the works of David Icke. Who, and this is solely my opinion, is a complete idiot. He believes that half human, half reptile beings are secretly controlling the whole world under our very noses. Sounds far fetched? It gets better. Icke also believes George Bush is one of these half reptile beings. Just about had enough? Too bad, this guy doesn’t shut up. The Queen, Hillary Clinton, and just about everyone else famous you can name in a place of power are all reptilian half breeds deceiving you into….I don’t know what.

    This is all on par with rainbow-farting unicorns, leprechauns, and those people who STILL believe Y2K will be our downfall.

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