What Entheogens Taught Me About God

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What Entheogens Taught Me About God. Video by www.NeuroSoup.com This video is a Q and A session response.


  1. schubiduwolf

    The viewer of all experiences is not alternated at all by any substance. The eye of counsciousness is just a witness unaffected by situations. That´s really cool. Thanks to the great plants and LSD. They showed me a lot and brought me to meditation and selfenquery as explained by the great sage Sri Ramana Maharshi. If you want the straightest way to peace take a look to his cristalclear teachings.

  2. kazchen999

    I’ve seen fractals too! they’re so beautiful. It’s like “reality” splits apart in shards and you can see into infinity. and it’s all intricate patterns.
    timothy leary says our mind has 8 levels of consciousness. Different chemicals found in nature and humans take you to the different levels of consciousness. think of gears on a car. we have 8 “gears” in our mind. alcohol shifts to the 1st gear: primal needs. LSD stimulates the pineal gland in the mind so that takes us to the 7th = psychic

  3. slavenations

    reality has the advantage of remaining incredibly consistent, which makes it an easy thing for people to believe in. at the same time, they think that because God is elusive and difficult to define, God must be imaginary. there is nothing imaginary about the experience of being one with God.

    afterwords, one may begin to question reality more readily.

  4. KosmicCitizen

    Everything we “say” about life is an imposition. Experience itself is very quiet.

    But the impositions are “useful” – at least if anything resembling the conventional life of this world interests you, or you need to deal in that paradigm at least some of the time.

    As a friend put it once – a statement may be “true”, but it is not reality.

  5. valarvalanor

    they become like dudes in fox holes dude trust that! and I’m so not “spiritual/religious/atheist” I want to believe but there isn’t much out there in the way of truth…

  6. ContEmpOrary

    It’s funny how people with opposing views argue with each other as often as they do. More often (at least here on thoughts) do I see someone to say your wrong about this this and that, then I hear someone say, great post I totally agree with you. But here specifically in the religous sections this is so much more evidant. It’s like we’re attracted to what sets us off. Or attracted to what we must correct (regardless if intentions are positive or negitive).

  7. valarvalanor

    are you going as far as saying just God is fictional or are you going to be real bold and say we “ALL” are fictional?

  8. valarvalanor

    I would like to think that their is “some greater part of the universe” but not the one that is provided by your common religious hacks ok, hacks might be to strong of a word, but come on…

  9. HeyHeyHarmonicaLuke

    on my first LSD experience, i had my best visuals ever, Fractals so beautiful i had spiritual feeling.
    I’ve been reading fractals are a very common LSD hallucination, which is the only hallucinogenic I’ve tried.
    Oh I tried psilocybin once, but didn’t get far on 3 grams, it felt like i would have visuals though.

    Are fractals common in other Entheogens’ visuals? Dmt? mushrooms?

  10. sandhgreen

    “God” is the main energy source of every spirit. Each spirit must be cleansed before it can merge with it’s “creator.”

    That is what life is. You will realize when you die. When you see this false reality break into sections and fall away, and you feel your spirit sucked out of this “reality” you will realize it.

    It’s scary. As scary as it was being born into this reality.

    Nothing in this life is really real, but we’re NOT supposed to know that.

  11. nietsnevel

    I don’t believe for a second that you can see the future while on hallucinogenics. If you have I would love to hear what you saw, and why you think this was actually the future and not just your mind playing tricks on you.

  12. cliffburton333

    well then they both line up with modern physics. if you’re trying to say she stole it from the watchmen, i’m trying to say the concept in general is modern physics.

  13. yageman

    The god head, the golden mean, its golden…………

    I like your videos, was an asshole in the past, and I like your thoughts.

    Cool to see this.

    See you on the head of a pin some way.

  14. phoenix0929

    it also matches up with the movie “Watchmen.” You should watch it so you know what I’m referring to.

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