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Voodoo From Inside (New Orleans VOODOO) - OCCULT PARANORMAL DOCUMENTARY The Most Comprehensive Documentary on Voodoo Religion, Rituals, and Practices Ever Pr...


  1. Michael Beard

    witchcraft, is the temp to control a situation or people by intimidation,
    manipulation for the purpose of domination. It is all sins of the flesh,
    There is no white magic, It all black magic mixed with Catholicism I can
    prove that. Its the worship of devils demons. to control. Has far has
    healing they do this in the name of God, If your stomach is hurting the
    witch moves it to your leg she keep you come back for more. Why she is
    getting rich. I could write a book on this but it a deep subject.

  2. Michael Beard

    And don’t think these people are setting foaming at the mouth like
    Hollywood shows there just like you and me and the denomination churches
    set full of them. These are not Churches but lodges the church is in the
    person the blessed and redeem of God. He places them into the bodies by
    election. It not a building, the word Church means elected and called out
    people. And Christ is the chief cornerstone of that church. These Churches
    are just big business looking for there market share to survive.

  3. 13Moonz

    I like how Dwight Webster associates European “superstition” and Witchcraft
    with the act of magickally harming someone when he explains his opinion as
    to why Voodoo dolls are perceived as dangerous at 12:25. What a tool.

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