Ufos Ovnis over London and Zurich 15-16/06/2011 Ufo Disclosure is SOON Ufos über london und Zürich

TheUfoLegend asked:

Big Ufo over London are real i Think Watch my Analys Video here: www.youtube.com Ufo Over London and Zurich 2011 Ufo Disclosure is SOON Ufos Ovnis over London and Zurich 15-16/06/2011 UFO over London Wednesday 15/06/2011 and Ufo Formation over Zurich airport, Switzerland, 2011-06-16 More and more Ufo Sightings this Year. One of the best Ufo Sighting Ever is the Ufo over Orlando Airport 10/06/2011 www.youtube.com Ufos über London und Zürich-Schweiz zwischn 15 und 16 Juni 2011 Videocredits too: London Video:www.youtube.com Zurich Video:www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Subscribe too my Channel www.youtube.com www.facebook.com and www.facebook.com ________________________________ Much Ufos Ovnis over London and Zurich 15-16/06/2011 mars ufo footage video extraterrestrial usa giant explosión Solar world Dwarf Star germany extraterrestres massive news special space alien aliens ufo sightings 2011 flying saucers planet ufo sichtungen sun solar storm ovnis area51 roswell stargate 2012 nibiru leaked secret ufo disclosure ufo today jaime maussan ovni ovnis video de ovni Top Secret leaked Video Russia KGB UFO Alien Gray film material ufos greys ET geheimes video 2011 2012 ufo Flying Saucer Ovni Crop Circles Phenomenon Paranormal Anomaly Mystery Abduction Conspiracy Cover Ups Aurora Black Project TR-3B Space Galaxy NASA X-45 Shuttle Orbit Satellite Planet Earth Mars Meteor Asteroids Anti Gravity Truth Phoenix Lights 911 WTC CNN soho Hybrid X-Conference Incident Crash Ships First space ...


  1. DolfoDylan

    I invite you all interested in knowing the truth about UFOs to visit the Paradigm Research Group website,and Endorse the World Disclosure Day, July 8 :
    YT won’t let me post the link, so google it or visit my channel for details.

  2. Banditolero1

    @TheUfoLegend Hi, hab mal auf deinen Kanal vorbei geschaut. Das scheint ja dein Hobby zu sein ” Ufo, ausserirdisch. Vielleicht bist Du in der Lage mir ein wenig mehr Licht ins dunkle zu geben, bin mit meiner Liebsten ständig am diskutieren. Sie sag könnte sein das der Mond ein riesen Raumschiff ist, oder der Mond auf der abgekehrten Seite der Erde nee Basis für Bewohner stellt. Dann ist da noch Neu Schwabenland, die NAzis sollen auch ganz groß mit sogenannten Untertassen gearbeitet haben. Help.

  3. NewGuardNetwork

    We got permission from alymc01 the original poster of the UFOs over London footage to do a video analysis of the footage and we sent the footage to an award-winning video expert and editor with surprising results which we posted on the New Guard Network.

  4. TheUfoLegend

    @Banditolero1 ja da ist was dranne.Denke auch mal das nicht alles “umbedingt”ausserirdisch ist,was wir die letzten Monate sehen.

  5. Banditolero1

    Ich weiß nicht so genau wie sotwas einzuschätzen ist. UFO heißt ja nicht Ausserirdisch. In letzter Zeit häufen sich UFO Meldungen, und wenns Bilder dazu gibt, sind es meistens Lichtpunkte. Ich denke das sind Hologramme die man uns vorspielt, & in naher Zukunft wird uns ein Schauspiel präsentiert welches Ängste auslösen wird, somit werden viele Menschen nach Schutz und Hilfe schreien, worauf sich die, die die Technik haben, freuen werden. So wird es unsere Rechte und Freitheit einschränken.

  6. rayramsey1234

    @1974celeste if u look at another cam on here at the same time just below the flats is another person recording take a look

  7. chronos447

    wow they’re so smart, they chose two financial places lol… camin to trade money?
    am a believer but not a paranoid, thinks its fake or its sumethin else
    wut would be their goal to move like dat

  8. 1974celeste

    @TheUfoLegend The 1st section of this vid is a fake… its obvious. Im not saying your whole vid is fake! Why cant you understand what Im saying?? I believe some of it is real, just not the first part where the chap films himself walking across the floor! Everyone has the right to an opinion… including me! I believe whoever filmed themselves indoors and then walking over to the window faked it. Sorry. The rest of the video looks really good and believable.

  9. 1974celeste

    @TTheTrueTruth Oh fuckoff you daft retard!! My mind is open to everything! WTF are you even talking about? Your comment looks like a 5 year old typed it! Ive not put any disinfo on here you thick fuck!! Flare or weather balloon? Looks like youre the disinfo artist here! Prick!

  10. TTheTrueTruth

    @1974celeste thanks for the disinfo….I have proof it’s a flare!!! or a “Giant Weather Balloon” ha go to hell if your mind is that closed up

  11. TheUfoLegend

    @1974celeste hm you saw my Analys Video about the Bigo Ufo over London?

    How can a “fake”Ufo change a Cloud Structure/Formation?
    Look my Video and tell me how?
    Or over my channel here

  12. xblaster23

    @1974celeste Hm ok i understand you, but do you see the other ufo videos on the same time over london?
    this can’t be faked…

  13. 1974celeste

    @xblaster23 Sorry, but It looks extremely faked to me! Im not saying the other videos are, I just DONT believe for a second the first vid is real! You keep your opinon and Ill stick to mine. Ive seen enough fake vids lately! All the best :-)

  14. felcas

    Send the MIB unit to Bolsover St. with Clipstone St. clear his mind and recover any proof at place.

  15. ttiiddaakk

    1. You walking with your camera..go to the window..you just focus without seeing/searching/roaming around..and bang!! 1st psychology fail
    2. Maybe you say..”i’ve already see it..then i pick up my camera to record it..”
    if really like that..a normal human must be hurry/running not walking..2nd psychology fail

    3. This your “walking video” make me to think about other london sighting video that record those UFO = UNIDENTIFIED FAKE OBJECT = EPIC FAIL!!!

  16. xblaster23

    @1974celeste The london video isn’t faked! He just wanted show us that it is real! The moves on the street and more! The Ufos aren’t faked! If it is faked you would see it better…

  17. Ausredener

    You just make a video that they know there is a UFO. Fake everything.! I advise you to watch other video or even a meaningful look at life!

  18. 1974celeste

    !st video in London is so obviously a fake!! Why film your floor, then just happen to go to window at the perfect opportunity?? What a load of rubbish! Not sure on rest of vid, but your london video is a true FAKE!!

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