UFO mainstream news coverage MASS SIGHTINGS WORLDWIDE what is going on?!

aBraveNewsWorld asked:

Is this contact? - www.exploringinfinity.com Thanks to fidockave213 for making this video. Or is this project blue beam? Is it aliens? Secret government projects? Weapons Tests? Space Wars? WHAT IS GOING ON?!! Please share this video, let's make it go VIRAL. What the heck is going on in our skies? Is this a set up? Is it for real?! Find out more www.exploringinfinity.com


  1. allmusic6

    there not coming there already here. hehe Blah Blah Blah. FACT life is infinite Meaning life will find a way to thrive in any condision < spelling sry space. what makes all you feel every video is fake, video after video show UFO's everywhere in space in our skys under the damn sea all over the place. you would have to be the most stupid person in the world not to see all this and it all thanks to the net love it beam me up scotty. GONE

  2. FuManBoobs


    Absence of evidence is unidentified. Not alien, not energy warping, not NWO government craft, not Project Blue Beam etc, not “amazing evidence of aliens” etc.

    When someone deconstructs videos and exposes flaws in editing and presents that evidence in a factual way then I’ll certainly go with that.

    But as you say, even if it’s 99% fake and 1% real…I could stand by that also.

  3. FuManBoobs

    Look, YOU’RE the one claiming to know what things are without any proof. If you want to believe every video is real and then go on to believe it’s some kind of alien energy warping craft then go ahead and enjoy the cult mentality that surrounds that way of thinking.

    I’ll stick with the proof and evidence presented to me through logic and reason.

    You’re actually the arrogant one as you presume your explanations to be right with no evidence and reject others with evidence!

  4. ktmclub22

    @FuManBoobs the evidence of absence is not the absence of evidence, just because you cant prove something is real does not mean it isn’t.. I will agree that some videos are fake/hoax’s and people see and do stupid shit, if you will. but i’m not going to dismiss the fact that all the videos we see on youtube can’t be faked or hoax’s.. even if its 99.9% fake and 1% real.. I could stand by that.

  5. OddOpinion

    @pafzy Yes, it is scientifically plausible, and likely that a missile could spin in that exact way. With 7 billion people on earth, I am not at all surprised some footage, and somewhat interesting footage has surfaced, but it is of no significance, because there is scientific reason behind all of these things. Interesting? Yes. Aliens? Most likely not.

  6. ngagemydude13

    THIS IS SCARY … but if you think about it … 2012???? the sky gods will come?????????????? IF this gave you chills thumbs up

  7. jeszterII

    @fumanboobs Listen to yourself, you stupid fuck. I pity you. You’re telling me not to believe every video I see. Ok. But you believe some low life with a bullshit website designed only to try and prove that every mysterious video on the web is fake. You’re scared and deranged, man. Why can’t you arrogant people accept that we’re not at the center of the universe? There are billions of solar systems, galaxies like ours. And there is bound to be life there too.

  8. latetag

    Aliens are not real. Nor do aliens make crop circles. Look up more on angels and demons, perhaps you will understand better.

  9. SHUNsome

    …. really it’s all a hoax huh?…. wow these people are so set on believing what they were trained to believe

  10. MegaChadOchocinco

    well the ufos ehh kinda was like what is thissss???? n the call well im scared….lol no really i am……

  11. Imanalientraveler

    We come in peace. Great changes are ahead for you. No more war, hunger, or sickness. Resistance IS futile. You WILL be assimilated.

  12. OddOpinion

    Or you idiots could go to Google, and find out the real explanations, the spiral, was a missile test gone wrong by the Russians.

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