1. sebring98

    This looks good! Especially to me, since we are seeing a giant glowing ufo showing up repeatedly over Niagara Falls. I’ve seen them already 3 times myself, and many other people seeing them on different random days since at least early October.

  2. jordanlovestacos

    sounds like you need to go back to school dumb-ass because ”spelt” is actually SPELLED wrong…jesus christ

  3. Robstailey

    it goes either way but spelt is basically one of the english language’s many flaws. using it only complicates things.

  4. eddyvohra

    why most of these sightings and lights are seen where there is an air force base nearby ? lol

  5. word85208

    if u come to youtube to correct misspelt words, you need to take a hard look in the mirror.

  6. hvacstudent

    you spelled they’re and their wrong. Plus, if aliens existed why hasn’t one of them crashed a saucer into a barn? In all of history, no hard proof, just speculation.

  7. word85208

    Here’s my unequivocal response:

    UFOs are real, as real as peanut butter and jelly lol. There real 100% real. And WE have them, there not aliens at all. Sure I have no proof, but if you do your hard researech into this field, you will find we’ve made these crafts for the past 60 years

  8. SonofCimmeria

    I used to believe in UFOs, but now I’m a skeptic. Yes, there’s a lot of mathematical probability that shows there may be other intelligent civilizations out there…however, it is not proof. And even if there were, the galaxy itself is so huge that it would take too long (and be too expensive) for them to get here. I’d be more excited to hear about a radio signal from another civilization than to see a UFO.

  9. varus1985

    No big deal really. I dont think its a big shock that aliens have probes operating in the solar system.

  10. pennelp7770

    exactly we are passed proving they exist..because we already know they do…..disclosure now …we can handle the truth.those who freak out will soon adjust,we are fast learners

  11. Facepuncher5000

    Aren’t we passed the “do UFOs exist stuff” yet? It’s time to accept something is there, whether it’s from outer space or not. It may well even be ourselves coming to visit from the far future.

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