Think through different scenaria

landsell asked:

My circumstances being very different to most peoples, may mean that my child will be vaccinated, no matter what i have to say about it. In Japan the culture is 'everyone will cooperate with the new fad because it's the thing to do, and it's fun, isn't it?' So really I have no hope of fighting such a system. I will load up my child with garlic which is supposed to protect the vital organs from metallic poisoning. I will pray about it. I will instruct my child. Then I will hope that if they come to vaccinate, he will make so much fuss that they cannot do it, and I will be called to the school. Hopefully, I will be at home when and if the phone call comes. I continue to work, partly because it improves my morale to meet others, partly because I like the extra pocket money for paying for food supplements for my child (expensive) and partly because the NWO have a sneeky grudging respect for those who do not rely on the government, but try to earn their own keep. After all, the Bible says that the man who does not work, shall not eat. A man/woman who cannot support his/her family (unless through no fault of his own) is worse than an unbeliever according to the Bible. At the moment my husband has little work, so I help out. These NWO Vatican people have a kind of morality. They say that we deserve whatever is coming because we are lazy useless selfish fat eaters, but if we prove that we have some kind of working value to them, if we somehow support the economy, look after our ...


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