The Real Story Behind Aliens_ Ufos_ Demons_ Illuminati & Satanism.

Lee Goodall asked:

DEEP STUDY INTO ALIENS REALLY BEING FALLEN ANGELS, DEMONS. SATAN FINAL ATTEMPT TO MISLEAD MAN Compiles lots of modern photos and video footage with records and drawings of ancient aliens left by our ancestors. So why all the mystery about who the Aliens are? All of the records and evidence point to the truth that they are the NEPHILIM races described in the Bible as hybrid human species derived from fallen angels mating with human women................. Genesis 6:2.....That the sons of God ( meaning fallen angels, those who followed Satan in rebellion against God ) saw the daughters ( meaning women of the earth ) of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. The records indicate that the offspring produced several different gentile races. Some were giants / titans, some were reptilian, some had extra arms and 6 fingers, hair covered humanoids like Esau... And we even see evidence of this remaining in our human gene pool on recessive genes... giantism is called acromegaly now... humans born with 6 fingers are called polydactyl ... humans born covered with hair are diagnosed with hypertrichosis... on and on... As for the hybrid alien races that survived with their technology thousands of years ahead, we see them too. Esaus hair-covered humanoid decendants in the mountains are called bigfoot... And over 20 witnesses in a Russian park (including policemen, school children, a janitor... all walks of life) saw a craft land and 3 giants over 9 ...


  1. 85Pagani

    LOL, this guy really thinks the world is 6000 years old. Old the religions are lie by Satan, who is the alien. Are you so idiot, you can accept the truth? I guess you really are.

  2. siti nur khodijah

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  3. 85Pagani

    Oh man, are you so blind you don’t get it. Everything is hoax by Satan, who is the alien. Proof are everywhere in humans history. And the Satan is Jesus. And here is one proof. In The Book Of Revelation. 22:16.

    “I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, [and] the bright and morning star”.

    You believers are idiots, all of you. There is lots of proof, the Satan is even Jehovah, and many more gods.

  4. itachi005

    @David Webster Albert Einstein believed in a God? Im sure he’s 100x smarter than u and I, so aince u believe so much in science, u should take notes from his thoughts amd perspectives, theres so many evidence for god but ur too bllinded to see or accept them, go ahead and believe we all came from a big explosion, yea im not sure who the confused person is here.

  5. Cramerica360

    go to this link and vote to break up banks. Don’t just watch do something. copy and paste this after the “htt” and “p” prefix //­it­ion/break-big-banks/1Sz1YhK­J. Utube won’t let me put the Htt and P together at the begining

  6. K Mann

    John 3:16 “For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    Too many people have bought into the lie that there are many roads to God, and many of them say they believe Jesus was from God, perhaps a prophet, but they prefer to follow islam or Buddha. But that will lead them to hell. Why? Jesus said of Himself: “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man comes before the father but through Me.”

  7. MasTershoemon69

    You cannot forget or ignore ( if you don’t believe ) that these high ranking members of these secret societies all worship Satan these secret organisations that have been around for hundreds of years the Illuminati and thousand the Freemasons. Their all Satanists and a lot of them are/or vampires, witches, warlocks, WEREWOLVES yes werewolves.  You also cannot be ignorant to how strong the deception of Satan is David Webster is a good exampled of that.

  8. tuonimihart2009

    dude if you say there is no God then how da fuck do you and all these animals you see come to existence! yeah You think Jesus dont talk to anyone but he still heals people,if you think i am wrong ask kenneth hagin millions of lifes have been saved through his ministry by Jesus ,you think its ordinary?Man wake up and think!

  9. kamalito666

    Now that satan’s popular in holywood if my fren n i catch dat satan we will bind them down n i will piss on their head they r bastard ugly idiot creatures.. Phui..!

  10. kamalito666

    How strong n big r the satan? The satan had goat head n some looks ugly i knew bout satan they r bastard n play u out at the end of the day.

  11. Tim Grady





  12. paul lindley

    you are a brainwashed fool,i bet your parents were christians as well? science and darwin prove 100 percent this and yet you still believe in this religouse nonsense,why is mankind that important that it has to have a creator its all bullshit,there maybe evidence of poltergeist activity and ghosts and spirits but they are from man not god or religion which is manmade rubbish

  13. David Webster

    Finally someone with common sense! Alright, thank you very much. I can’t believe all the whackos this video has brought here.. lol

  14. David Webster

    Man what a bunch of lost people making comments. Religion is and always will be simply a way to control people and what they should think. It is all bull crap, Jesus doesn’t talk to anyone and sorry I have faith in myself. I don’t need to seek security in something that isn’t there, only thought to be there.
    Evidence all around the world that Ancient Aliens came to this world 1000’s of years ago. I normally don’t bother saying much, but this entire conversation is so hilarious & full of crap!

  15. David Webster

    Dude you are one insecure person if you seriously think there is this God that you speak of as a real life entity. Stay confused if you like but it is all nonsense, no one who understands science believes in any of this Myth! lol thanks for a good laugh, it is hysterical how many follow illogical thoughts in the hopes that it all is real.

    Look, the bible and all written events were done around 600 years after the fact! There is nothing that is valid in there, no evidence for a God! lmao!

  16. Mark Loughlan

    Why not watch the entire upload before your critique other people religious beliefs and type unholy comments about Jesus! he is real, he will return and then all none believers will be sorry and i pity your souls…..This video scared the shit out of me once again watch it and take the shite out between your ears, then pray for forgiveness, read the bible and research Roman text ‘Jewish Antiquities’ by Josephus if you need proof Jesus did exist. And by the way sort you fucking name…..God Bless

  17. Rian Smith

    I am afraid to post anything on this video. These people are pure evil. Infact filled with evil. For there host is the prince of lies!

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