1. Mark Owens

    The world is more scary as the days go by and you just feel helpless they think that no one could stop them we just have to unite and we will win

  2. pissed irish viking

    Ha Ha Ha catch me if you can mutha fuckkas lol! All black people first,then beaners,then rednecks and then the wealthy~ Middle class rocks as we can take what the rich have,kick any ones ass,build what ever we need!

  3. Davidstorm25

    I figure, they kill all except who they want, thus they will be them left to rule themselves until they kill or die off and end game fire all typical lamness

  4. Bobbo Seas

    These old zionist fucks dont give a fuck about population they are almost dead anyways so what the fuck there is plenty of room for people its just fear tactic! Look at places like Detroit Michigan Cleveland Ohio they are practically abandoned!!if the zionist jews that control are borders did a better job we wouldnt have as many illegal immigrants!

  5. ShroomGirl0004

    There’s been a new executive order u guys. I think the IDIOT PUPPET signed it yesterday…

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