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WAKE UP HUMANS - YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE? ARE YOU STILL ASLEEP? Logical Proof there is a God: Nothing can come from nothing. Something must come from something. Something cannot come from nothing. You think therefore you exist. Existence is something. The universe (time/space) is something. The universe must have come from something. That something must be Above time/space. The Source is thus Eternal and Infinite. The Source is God. The most important commandment of all the prophets, that which separated them from the polytheists, was Monotheism. They all preached that there is only One God. The same goes for Jesus, peace be upon him. He prayed to God and bowed down to Him. The Qur'an is the last and final Revelation from God. It is for all of mankind. It is unchanged - it is the same for over 1400 years, in the Arabic language. It is without a doubt the greatest literary work in all of Arabic history. It is the most frequently read and memorized book in all of human history. There are millions of people alive who have the entire Qur'an memorized by heart, including children ten years old and younger. The Qur'an also has many scientific and mathematical Miracles in it as well which are still being discovered. The Message is clear - worship The Creator - not the creation, and do good deeds, and you will be rewarded with Eternal Paradise. If God gave us this life, certainly He has The Power to raise us from the dead and give us another. This life is a test, the Next Life ...


  1. SuperZiggz

    This video is by far the scariest, oh my sack! But i personally think that jay z and kanye were soooooo obvious about it. I’t all marketing…but for the wrong COMPANY.

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