Oklahoma City Bombing conspiracy: New World Order

daweil asked:

This video shows that contrary to the official report, OKC federal building was NOT destroyed by a single truck bomb. TV footage showed multiple bombs were defused from inside the building. Raising questions who is really responsible for the bombing???


  1. patriotagainstempire

    Brigadier Gen. Ben Partin explains exactly how the evil bastards bombed the building. Look up his video.

    No more false flag terrorism. We need to bring the perpeTRAITORS to justice!

  2. delimac59

    Unfortunately,your ignorance is a majority.You ,and people with your very limited intelligence and foresight will in fact be the end or at least total slavery of us all.You WILL be one of the first to stupidly ask “Wow I just thought it was all some scam job,eh,eh” as they throw your Ignorant ass into the Gas Chamber!! You FUCKING Retard!

  3. delimac59

    Are YOU SERIOUS? Why would you even MENTION 103? I KNOW WHY! Reverse Psych! Nice Bro! We Need MORE thinkers like you!! Very Imaginative!! KUDOS! SWEET!

  4. SteelerJeff2009

    The sheep are the ones who blindly follow people like Alex Jones who make a living spewing complete nonesense.

  5. dylanbryson

    Germans posted in the us newspaper that anyone boarding that ship would do so at their own risk because they would have to sink it.

  6. Rockstar97321

    Yes, and the sinking of the Lusitania was another false flag like incident just before WW1. An American passenger ship carrying weapons of war was sunk.

  7. wiserob06

    actualy US gov knew about pearl harbor in advance, they knew if they let pearl harbor happen everybody would be for going to war, hmm sound familar.

  8. mommy26cuties

    but don’t take my word for it…why dont you ask Eyde Smith, who lost two babies in OKC? or Randy Weaver or the surviving Davidians..I could go on and on

  9. e d

    its is sad too think that our government would do such a thing and to think that there gonna kill all of us just so there elite can survive any way jesus is gonna wipe there ass out sooner then people think ive already seen thee 4 horseman of appoc. jesus is coming again,folks look at the things coming true out of the bible jesus love all

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