Obamanoids Call Alex Jones Round 4

TheAlexJonesChannel asked:

Yes, It's that time again. Alex takes calls from obama supporters and ask them what is so wonderful about their lord and savior Barack H Obama. [Check it Out Today] www.infowarsshop.com www.infowars.com www.prisonplanet.tv www.infowars.net www.prisonplanet.com [Get Healthy Today!!] www.infowarshealth.com


  1. jamiedempo22

    That first caller shows you what we’re dealing with here…someone whos only looking after number 1 and cant see the agenda for what it is..”why do u vote obama?”….”cause he’s not gonna do any worse than all the others who came before him!!!”….thats the mindset we’re dealing with here folks….Please please please start educating yourselves…dont leave your primary education to the state…youll end up simply regurgitating belief systems pasted down from a manufactured curriculum.

  2. AzsAtheBilly

    Sorry I don’t have a plan as i’m from/in UK.

    However it’s just another distraction that stops people from learning broader and higher truths. (not singling you or anyone out, just generalizing).

    There is so much truth that it’s hard to begin, Self discipline is a start, learning to read the bible (properly/spiritualy, with hebrew knowledge etc) is a really good start.


  3. sunshinebloo

    What we actually have to do is eliminate the SOURCE of this problem. The people of the land is the gov’t they who we call the Gov’t are elected employees for the people of the land.I’ll tell you my way is, we should create our own SECRET society and go after the source eliminate it and the rest of the freaks will also fall. A company can not function if the decision is not there to make them. Let play the same game and stop talking about it. They play this way, why not us.

  4. sunshinebloo

    Alex. We Canadians are totally screwed. The only way is the people of our lands must take back control of our countries.The Canadian that phoned in approx 55:00 is way out saying what he said. I’ve gone to the US and back to Canada and get treated like crap.This guy is really not seeing the real picture.The USA is in the situation that will decide the worlds freedom.

  5. Dave Dumas

    I love that he sells stuff all through the show, haha. Completely rips apart his credibility.

  6. Dave Dumas

    Hahahaha. Alex Jones is the best comedian ever.


  7. sunshinebloo

    Alex everything your talking about is right on the money.I’m Canadian. I was told all about this when I was only 18,now 52. I didn’t believe it until I was of the age 25. Ever since I’ve read everything I could.The 86y/o was right on everything up to right to now. Canadians here are so mellow and non believer of this, I get looks as if I’ve lost my marbles. They’re so go at how they did it, our US/Cdn $ value we see on the stock market is only illusion. Our $’s is actually worth “0”.

  8. bruteresistance

    All you have to do is back up what you say, you haven’t, and you can’t. End of discussion.

  9. Joe Mama

    … award you with some token of his gratitude for doing the job that he should be doing. Myself, I have never allowed anyone to defend me or speak for me on my behalf… I am more than capable of doing that myself. As for you, your words against me speak volumes toward your own inability to hold your mud under pressure. It seems that you are far more concerned with protecting your sacred cow, than ferreting out the truth… the hallmarks of the typified sycophant, indeed.

  10. Joe Mama

    I did have a channel on Youtube for over 3 years, with my own uploads. However the content was sufficient to have my previous channel completely wiped out of all its contents, by some one or some agency that believed my work to be inflammatory. The facts surrounding the Stratfor scandal exists for all to read. Do your own research, if in fact you truly wish to put this issue to rest. Whatever you may call me, fazes me not at all. I know who I am. Perhaps Mr. Jones will be inclined to… Cont.

  11. Joe Mama

    … defending himself? A liar always avoids truth, unless it serves his purpose. If he has naught to hide, then he should stop avoiding disclosure. Incidentally, I am a troll to you simply because I do not follow what is popular; I am a troll to you because I dare to question the fly in the ointment… Ridiculous. However, that accusation is rendered from your own inability to question the fish hook in your mind. If I am a troll, then why do you attack me, if you are in fact right about Mr.Jones

  12. Joe Mama

    … nary a word issues forth from his super-sized mouth in self-defense. He blatantly lied about Mr. Cooper; Referred to Mr. Icke as “… a turd in the punchbowl… ” ; He sneers at Mr. Maxwell and others of that calibre, yet no suspicion arises in you, even when everyone is aware of the serpent in his crew. I should be amazed, but I am not. Most wish to hear what their itching ears wish to hear; Most wish too see as their convoluted eyes wish to see… Again, is Mr. Jones incapable of… Cont.

  13. Joe Mama

    You may dismiss me as you like… I care not. You believe that your level of awareness is sufficient to protect you from being deceived, then I suppose you’ve naught to be concerned with. I hope for your sake, that you are right in your estimation of Mr. Jones… I trust no man, especially one who refuses to address the issues that plague his credibility. He spends a great amount of time defending defensible positions, yet the moment he falls under scrutiny for non-defensible positions… Cont.

  14. TheMaddazhell

    well people criticized Germans, blacks, Mexicans, native American Russians, Chinese, Italians, and every race under the sun, why is this race get special treatment and a free pass? its only hate speech when you talk about this race?


    just saw tila’s video alex is with the people he claims he is against smh hes a fraud. type this in the search box: TILA PROVIDES PROOF EXPOSING THE ILLUMINATI! REPOST!!!

  16. EuropeanImperium

    The race that one may not criticise on online social networking and video sharing websites without running the serious of having one’s account cancelled for so called “hate speech”…

  17. AzsAtheBilly

    Jew = Judah (correctly pronounced Yah-hu-da).

    Look who’s the conquering Lion of Tribe of Judah-

    Haile Selassie 1st

    His full title =

    His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Kings (Emperor) of Ethiopia, Elect of God.

    Why are most Jews not talking about their leader Haile Selassie

    Because their imposters.

    His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Kings (Emperor) of Ethiopia, Elect of God.

  18. JeremyKilroy

    It is a goal to keep the populous in a constant state of fear because they will not resist what they choose to do even if logically known to be bad if emotionally they feel like they are being protected from a (non or near non existent threat). It is basic psychology and they know this.

  19. JeremyKilroy

    Very well said.

    The goal is to make people afraid. Living in fear is what you do once they take the guns

    Your right fear is a tactic that they use over and over again. Terrorist you better watch out. Ooooo threat level meter from DHS. Guns Oooooo scary. Yeah people really would be scared once they can’t defend themselves and more control for government. Oh my god please protect us. We can’t defend ourselves. You hit it right on the head.

  20. dragonkiller73

    They all kinda sound the same in the end,..They sawy when true questions hit them in the face then they go blank,..Id love to see faces to some of the voices, It would be friggin funny has hell,…I wonder how many of these idiots got lap-tops or cell-phones or some nifty gadget thats broken now,…lol sheep,..its cool though when the country ends they will be the first too go,…lol…lol

  21. erin7375

    This flu is not a normal flu. I’ve had an uncontrollable fever for five days, severe aching but I can eat

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