crownofchrist64 asked:

This video is to provoke thinking outside of the box... Negative and stupid comments will be deleted. So there!!!


  1. leestaniforth1

    “he was told”… “I’ve heard”.. Load of crap. Anybody ŵho knows anything about astronomy or physics will be be able debunk everything about a so called planet… I’ll be back on 22nd December to hear an apology

  2. simendem

    Cut the sound off at the end because his prediction was wrong. It said in the video @13:24 May 10, 2011. so clearly some of his information is off. I do believe that we have a Planet X/Nibiru/Tyche to deal with but I think December 21, 2012 is a much more likely date for pole shift and I bet it will be a lot less severe. We will feel it, but no huge planetary changes. We’ve already seen the worst with Hurricane Katrina. Also that’ll be a good day to bring in the antrichrist to end WW3.

  3. perryharris1

    crownofchrist64 do you happen to know the name of the guy giving the information it would be helpful for me to check his credibility and validity! thanks

  4. DooderJamesxboxgamer

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