Michael speech exposing the devils who then Killed Him! This Is IT!

jameshetfield007 asked:

Proofs on who killed Brandon Lee and MJ!!! This video is blocked in numerous countries!!! www.youtube.com Brandon Lee Assassination! Why Illuminati killed him!!! www.youtube.com THE ILLUMINATI (controlling Youtube) BLOCKED THIS VIDEO AND BRANDON LEE'S IN ARAB COUNTRIES AND OTHERS IN EUROPE AND THE WORLD SO THEY DON'T KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ILLUMINATI, HERE'S A SCANNED PROOF: www.facebook.com and www.facebook.com ----------------- Add me on facebook my full name is "Marouane Dahni" and watch these videos on my profile, they're the last 2. WE NEED TO EXPOSE THESE DEVILS. --------------------- WHY MJ BECAME A MUSLIM AND WAS KILLED: These short but miraculous videos showing how scientific facts were revealed by God 1400 years ago not confirmed until within the last 100 years PROVE THE QURAN TO THIS REMAINS THE FINAL DIVINE REVELATION UNCORRUPTED BY THE ILLUMINATI AND THE ROMAN CHURCH. In the Vatican is where there's the uncorrupted Bible but they locked it in there. In the Qur'an you'll find the truth which is the Prophets Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad PBUT had the SAME MESSAGE. Worship THE ONE GOD, The Creator (Allah in Arabic). Read the qur;an after seeing the videos and then you would 100% about God. God will punish the Illuminati and we shall all wake up and you SHOULD know why they targeted Muslims and make em look bad since the beginning and 9/11!!! www.islamway.com The Well-Guarded sky www.youtube.com THREE STAGES OF THE BABY IN THE WOMB: www.youtube.com THE ...


  1. DoubleDank123

    random letters sound like this…..sfdfsdfsdfsdfksdfjksdjnfksjdnfkjsndkfjnksjdnksjndfkjsndkfjnsdf

  2. ZetAFroMCydoniA

    Allah is the best of judges – Just do what is in your soul to do. Religion colour creed sexual orientation and musical taste have nothing to do with this. Follow the example set by Gandhi – One man changed a country without firing a weapon. Non-violence has been proven to work. We can erode the system like water does a mountain, an eye for an eye leaves us all blind.

  3. PrettyinPink0192

    i dnt understand muslims hw can u put ur trust in sum1 who states that he doesnt eve kno wat Allah’s goin 2 do with him after his death?

  4. tokersrule

    but how is it so certain that christians and jews have it wrong? Isnt it possible, if its possible that christianity and judiasm is wrong, that islam is wrong as well? What makes islam so pure, says who?

  5. 2cool2beHot1

    how come whenever sum1 is about to expose the illuminati they kill him/her……man im so angry! Michael was so close…may his soul rest in peace.

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