1. MrTyreek3

    ok now du notice dis he said he cant go to “hell” because he’ll take over he is sayin dat if he goes to hell he will take dat nigga crown n say fuck yu but also notice he didnt say heaven he said hell he didnt say he could take over heaven he now he cant mess wit god n plus fuck wayne he aint nuttin but a bitch anyway dat nigga aint murk nobody he aint do no time

  2. InfidelAntichristian

    LOL him take over hell


    I bet the ghost of everyones grandma could whoop that pussy’s ass.

  3. Caramelbeauty852

    Another Thing ppl always wanna blame the media and celebrities whenever their kids
    Start actin up. It starts @ home first
    Stop relying on these people to raise ur kids n take responsibility for theway they act

  4. Caramelbeauty852

    I honestly think this is BS!! It’s funny u can find videos on beyoncé jay z lady gaga Michael Jackson etc. About them sellin they souls to the devil BUT I hve once to find one on lil Wayne….

  5. Killuminati95

    lol lil wayne aint shit shit.I have a hard time beliveing this nigga has actually killed someone.Lol id beat the fuck outta lil wayne faggot ass


    The place where Jesus was crucified was called the palace of the skull. Thats why they wet themselves over the skull


    This is why this young generation is so twisted and the prison is full of young guys who follow Lil Wyane devilish ass. He has def gotten inside the heads of many of the youth. Parents better get up on game and listen to the demonic things going inside their kids heads. Eminem song got so deep inside this one guys head the man for no apparent reason got up off the sofa and slaughtered his entire family and the call is recorded on 911.He told the operator what he did and said it was the music.

  8. mikuckwilburnGME

    ur so dumb his daughter wasnt suppose to go up there but she was crying and he wanted to make her happy u dick

  9. chicanoxloco

    if some1 says that they satanists or devil worshippers or watever and if they make it look scary, evil or some shit similar, then

  10. little1akasweetheart

    The boy (yes I called him a boy) said he called his mother to ask if he could get a teardrop tat & she said she was thinkin about gettin one herself.
    You must know thats bullshit right?
    This is coming from the same dude who sat on BET & swore he doesn’t drink or take drugs yet he feels like dying when they’re dun.
    Demons tell lies & thats all there is to it.
    Depending on the audience this fool will say whatever.
    He has a daughter too remember.
    What goes around comes around.

  11. LouiseRobinson22396

    Jheez Mann He Fo Real. He’s Heartless. I Feel Sorry Fo His Mama Fo Raising Such An Evil Man .

  12. Nuan3677

    first lil wayne neva killed a damn thing, second hes a demon, third *cough* illuminati and 4th he sucks

  13. sgentlemanjack112

    any hip-hop player….who is promoted in the media….has sold out his community
    and sold his soul to the devil..

    hey lil……..you think you’re nopt gonna go to hell??  better repent mr. badass…or you will be cowering in the corner on judement day

  14. zuzuxwater

    At the BET award show he was showing you how low you can get.Lil Wayne was telling everyone that he screw as many young girl that he wants,he want to screw the young white girls.I guess he think he is scarface THE WORLD IS MINES,fuck anybody that gets in my way.Lil Wayne has been kiss the devil himself.I know the whitepeople that were there heard him sing about messing with their young daughters,you can stop this madness by not buying his music. Hotep

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